Banded Black And White California Kingsnake

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Species: Lampropeltis californiae  Sex: Unsexed Length: 14-16 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Other Info: Multiple Animals Available - Pics May Vary SKU:A4707Categories:
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Banded black and white California kingsnake for sale with live arrival guarantee. Our baby banded black and white California kingsnakes for sale are captive born babies that are feeding weekly and are healthy. They feed on rodents and get 3-4 feet long as adults. Another popular colubrid we offer our customers is the banded California kingsnake

5 reviews

  1. jakemwarren2000 (verified owner)

    I’m so excited about my new California king snake and I think the little fella is liking his new home.

  2. Bonnie Penniman (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my purchase! The people here are helpful and friendly and my snake arrived alive and well! After several issues with other sites and large breeders I tried XYZ reptiles and I will now only be using them!

  3. himring127 (verified owner)

    I could not be happier. I’ve had so many bad experiences with places like reptmart and was expecting trouble. What I got was communication, professionalism, and a beautiful, healthy snake exactly when and where it was scheduled. I’m just not buying from anyone else anymore. Thank you xyz!

  4. steven udo (verified owner)

    Long Story Short! XYZReptiles is the best IMO…

    I had to wait until today (7/5/19)to post this review. I ordered a female baby black and white banded California king snake last Sunday (6/30/19). They shipped her with over night early day delivery Monday (7/1/19) with a cooling gel pack (FL to TX, she needed cooling.) over the ventilated container they had her in with a paper towel. They also lined the box with Styrofoam for protection, and clearly labeled the box as perishable living animal this side up. She arrived on time and in good health. Also enclosed in the box is a card with her species, sex, birth date, and feeding habit (she feeds on a live pinky mouse every Friday). I inspected her for mites and other illness. She was free of all visible issues. So I placed her in her quarantine habitat and she immediately went for a borrow. After a few minutes of tunneling and exploring, she popped her head up and we kinda just watched each other through the open top for a couple hours. at first she was super skiddish (understandably so; overnight plane/car rides are scary for baby snakes, lol.), any fast arm movement or cough would send her quick into her borrow. Pretty quickly though, she warmed up and would explore the surface and try to climb to the opening,and only retreat if I stood up or touched her as she was climbing. After a few hours, I let her relax for the rest of the day. The next day (Wednesday), I handled her for about 15 minutes. Thursday I handled her for another 15 minutes. Shes doing great, not squirmy or anything (definitely curious though)! Finally Friday comes. This is her feeding day according to the card she came with. I got her out, handled her for another 10 minutes or so while I had her, then placed her in a feeding tank (clear walls, no substrate, dish of water, no hides). I like to get snakes comfortable being watched while they eat (I think supervised feedings are safer for the snake anyway). Shortly after she went in, so did the pinky. She spent some time exploring and adjusting to a clear tank. After several minutes (and repositioning the mouse a couple times with forceps), she ate. It was glorious. All my concerns fell away. I’m going to give her a couple days to relax and digest now. This was my first online reptile buying experience and my anxiety was high. But XYZReptiles made my experience the best. Im very pleased with my healthy, intelligent, personality filled, black and white banded California king snake; who now has a full tummy. I may have to get one of the Baby Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Pythons from these guys down the road. XYZ Rptiles has my trust now and has earned a loyal customer.

  5. Phillip Santos (verified owner)

    XYZReptiles is a great company to work with. The snake arrived and he is beautiful! He is exactly as pictured on the website. We received him hours before the estimated time, they send all necessary info and should a problem arise they handle it in a timely and professional manner. We will definitely purchase from them again. The only negative experience we had was with FedEx. They put the box, which was clearly marked “sensitive “, “perishable”, “handle with care”, upside down on the porch and didn’t bother to knock on our door to let us know our product had arrived. Thank you XYZ!! My daughter is very happy with her new snake ?

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