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Finding The Northern Blue Tongue Skink For Sale By xyzReptiles

finding the northern blue tongue skink for sale

If you have been looking for a new pet lizard and finding the Northern blue tongue skink for sale has been a challenge for you, you should be happy to know that we have some very good news to share. After working for months to establish a safe and consistent network of breeders and distributors, we have managed to get a steady and continual source for captive bred and born baby Northern blue tongue skinks.

The Captive Bred Northern Blue Tongue Skink

One of the most sought after lizards for sale is the captive bred Northern blue tongue skink. This beautiful baby skink originates from the Northern region of Australia. Like all other reptiles from that area, the exporting of these animals from their homeland is strictly prohibited. Unlike other blue tongue skinks, the baby Northern blue tongue skink is only available in limited numbers and only for a limited time every year. Its for this reason that they are sought after and more costly than other imported baby skinks.

The Baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink For Sale

When you locate the baby Northern blue tongue skink for sale that you have been looking for, there are a few questions you should ask. The first thing you may want to find out is the age of the animal you will be purchasing. Baby skinks grow very fast and double in size every few weeks. This is important to the person getting the skink as a pet since most people want an animal as young as possible. Others may want one that is established and well-started. Another question is wether they were captive bred and born here in this country or born elsewhere and shipped here.

Skinks And Other Exotic Lizards For Sale

Blue tongue skinks and other exotic lizards for sale make up a small but growing segment of the online reptile keeping craze. Some of the lizards that people keep as pets include geckos, bearded dragons, monitors and skinks. Blue tongue skinks come from a number of locations in Australia and Indonesia. Almost all of them are docile and friendly. They can be raised on a varied diet since they are omnivores in the wild. Skinks are burrowing animals and tend to stay under twenty inches in length. A medium to large terrarium will be more than enough space to house one of your very own. If you have any questions about skinks or any other lizards don’t hesitate to check us out. We offer an ever growing selection of lizards for sale as well as tips and advise for reptile lovers.

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