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Why Are Bumblebee Ball Python Morphs So Popular?

In a world where hundreds of ball python morphs exist, one tends to wonder why are bumblebee ball python morphs so popular. Given all of the nonsense and controversy surrounding the breeding and keeping of the spider ball python morph, it is baffling that bumblebee pythons are still one of the best selling morphs around. I guess this is due solely to their genuine beauty and amazing disposition.

How Do You Make A Bumblebee Ball Python?

Do you ever wonder, how do you make a bumblebee ball python? The truth is that there are multiple ways to make a bumblebee ball python. Bumplebee ball pythons are a combination of the pastel gene and the spider gene. Both of the visual genes in a bumble bee are co-dominant and this means that there are multiple ways you can go about making a bee.

You can breed a pastel ball or a super pastel ball to a spider ball and get a one in four or one in two ratio of bumblebees. You can also breed a bumblebee or a killer bee to a normal or pastel or spider and make bumblebee balls. As long as the spider gene and the pastel gene is present in one or both of the parents there is a one in four or higher chance of getting a baby bumblebee python in the clutch.

Finding Bumblebee Ball Python Morphs For Sale

Finding bumblebee ball python morphs for sale is harder than you think. Due to the presence of a genetic mutation in the spider ball gene, some baby ball pythons have a slight to severe tilting or wobble to their head. This does not happen in all spider ball combos but does happen enough for people to shy away from the combos that have the spider gene in the mix. But if you take a moment to look into ball python morphs for sale you will notice that a large number happen to have the spider genetics. This is due to the beautiful color and contrast of the combinations that have the spider gene mixed in with other morphs.

How To Feed A Baby Bumblebee Ball Python

Another question that first time snake owners have is how to feed a baby bumblebee ball python. Like all other baby ball pythons for sale, bumblebee balls start with a hopper mouse as their very first meal. Not a pinky or fuzzy mouse as some misguided snake sellers will tell you is the appropriate meal size. After the third or fourth meal of a hopper mouse, it is time to graduate your baby python to an adult sized mouse. Baby ball pythons have no trouble consuming a meal of that size and with adequate space and heat, they will quickly metabolize this correctly sized meal.

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