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Is The Albino Ball Python The Original Ball Python Morph?

Is the albino ball python the original ball python morph?

There are lots of questions about the origins of ball python morphs. Some people ask “Is the albino ball python the original morph?” The answer to this question depends on whether you are going to look at dates of when each morph was first produced, or if you are going to go by anecdotal stories dating back to the 80’s and earlier on. Sound research and hard facts are always the ones that stand up in the court of public opinion, but sometimes the truth is weirder than fiction. Especially when it comes to reptiles.

Which Ball Python Morphs Were The First?

If you ask any of the older ball python breeders about which ball python morphs were the first to be produced the likely answer will be albinos, pieds or pastels. The reason for the discrepancies is that while some morphs are well documented and can be traced to a single breeder with a single clutch, others are harder to pin down. First, there is the difference between recessive traits and dominant traits. That difference is in producing visual offspring quicker with one versus the other. Second, there is the issue of which animal is the first of its kind when discussing a morph.

While there have only been a single individual of some morphs such as the spider and pinstripe, there have been dozens or even hundreds of other morphs such as pastels and yellowbellys brought into the country from the wild. Added to the confusion is the number of stories about ball python morphs like albinos and pieds being imported into the country in the 60’s, 70,s and 80’s and possibly even earlier than that. But it is safe to say the albinos, pieds and pastels were among the very first morphs to be produced.

Finding The Albino Ball Python For Sale

It has never been easier finding the albino ball python for sale than it is right now. There was a time when the price and availability were limiting factors for a reptile enthusiast who was interested in owning an albino ball python. Those days are gone thanks to the hard work of a handful of individuals who have spent the last twenty years perfecting the propagation and refinement of keeping and breeding ball pythons as pets. Today it is possible to find the perfect pet snake for an affordable price by simply looking for the desired morph online and having it shipped to your home safely and securely.

Keeping Ball Python As Pets

The process of keeping ball pythons as pets has never been easier and more streamlined as it is today. Thanks to the hard work of a handful of reptile product developers, we have seen terrariums, heating elements, rack systems and feeding methods evolve over the last twenty years. Gone are the days of keeping a pet ball python in a converted fish tank with heat lamps, news paper as bedding and broken pots as hide spots. Today reptile keepers can enjoy a wide variety of products ranging form fancy terrariums to digital temperature controls to LED lighting and more. The continual production of captive bred baby ball pythons has also ensured a healthy and easy to feed source for the perfect python pet.

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