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Does The Albino Iguana Make A Good Pet Lizard?

does the albino iguana make a good pet lizard

As a reptile pet suppliers we are commonly asked does the albino iguana make a good pet lizard? We feel that an iguana makes a great pet lizard and here are the reasons why. Albino iguanas are beautiful and gentle pet lizards. They are more available and more affordable with each passing breeding season. Albino iguanas as pets are easy to care for and easy to handle. Finally iguanas as pets are a constant part of the reptile keeping experience and that is not going to change anytime soon.

The Albino And Other Iguana Morphs

Caring for the albino and other iguana morphs is almost exactly the same. All of the iguana color morphs are from the same species that occurs through most of Central and South America. In the wild, iguanas are found in countries like Guyana, Suriname, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica. The morphs include the red and super red iguana, the blue iguana and the albino iguana. All of these morphs are compatible and given enough space can even be house together. We do not recommend keeping adult male iguanas together or in groups because of their capacity to defend territory and fight for mates.

Finding The Albino Iguana For Sale?

Finding the albino iguana for sale is easy and convenient. There was a time when albino iguanas as pets cost thousands of dollars and were almost impossible to find. Due to the hard work and dedication of a handful of individuals it is now possible to find albino iguanas for sale. Baby iguanas are regularly produced by breeders in South Florida and other parts of the country from June to August. If you are looking for an albino iguana as a pet then this is the perfect time to purchase one. At xyzReptiles you can find a variety of pet lizards including albino iguanas, blue iguanas and red iguanas for sale.

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