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Looking for an Iguana for sale with same day Fast Shipping and a Live Arrival Guarantee? You have come to the right place. We offer a nice selection of iguanas for sale including both the red iguana & blue iguana.

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Jayson Loveland
caldendar iconFebruary 23, 2020

Very quick shipping, beautiful animal! Ate her first feed nicely a few days after arrival. Handled awesome first time being handled.... Read more

Keith Hartpence
caldendar iconJanuary 26, 2020

Awesome I'm very Happy looks great good attitude looks good outside in his cage.🦎🦎😁😁... Read more

Lvmhe Bowers
caldendar iconApril 12, 2018

Good shipping service, received fast, didn't take a long time to come in. Doing more shopping from here.... Read more

Buy Iguanas Online

Iguanas are the backbone of the reptile pet trade. Almost every reptile owner has had one at some point in his or her reptile room. We feel that the iguana keeping experience is a rewarding one therefore when you are looking for iguanas for sale this is the right place to come to. South Florida is a haven for exotic creatures of all sorts but especially the green iguana. We offer captive bred, farm raised as well as a hand picked group of locally sourced animals.

Even though they can be found at most reptile shops, when you buy iguanas online you need to be sure that the animals you get are kept in optimal conditions. Ours are kept in large screen enclosures that allow for plenty of running space as well as ample sunlight to ensure perfect health. The diet that we use is the same for our common iguanas as well as for our morphs. A well balanced diet and vitamin supplements ensures that the animal you get will have a healthy and long life.

Rare and Exotic Iguanas

At xyzReptiles we carry a solid selection of rare and exotic iguanas for sale. Besides the large selection of rock and spiny tails, we also have a few different color morphs of the common green iguana. Our relationships with some of the breeding farms gives us access to new color mutations that can be found on our investment animals page so make sure you visit that section of the site when you are looking for that special hard to find exotic reptile pet.


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