Baby Bearded Dragon

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Species: Pogona vitticeps  Sex: Unsexed Length: 6 - 8 inches Diet: vegetation, prepared diet, insects Image: Representative Image SKU:A3104Categories:
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Each baby bearded dragon is a great looking lizard that makes for a great pet. Our baby dragons are very well started at the time of purchase. These baby beardies as they are affectionately known are raised on a combination of insects and veggies for optimal health. Our baby dragons are healthy, young specimens raised under optimal conditions that receive daily care by our dedicated staff. Some of the other baby bearded dragon morphs include the citrus and red morphs.

Caring For Your Baby Bearded Dragon

Caring these lizards is as easy as starting with the right setup. We recommend a medium sized terrarium for the young dragons. Start with our bearded dragon substrate which is easy to clean and dust free. For terrarium lighting we recommend a 75 watt or 100 watt basking light depending on the size of the enclosure. The second recommended light is the 10.0 UVB light bulb to simulate the suns UVB rays. Finally a mixture of our flexible reptile vines and jungle vines make a great looking environment for baby beardies.


4 reviews

  1. Laura Durkee (verified owner)

    Beautiful baby beardie, over-all great buy, except I checked him over at fed ex station and found that one eye sustained injury or some sort and the eye is glued shut. Owner gave me instruction to help heal the eye, im just waiting now for product!

    • XYZReptiles

      After discussing this situation it was apparent that the package was mishandled during shipping. Fortunately there was minimal damage that was easily attended to. Glad to see the baby bearded dragon is in good hands.

  2. Christian Cazares (verified owner)

    Came on time with the heat pack still warm. The bearded dragon looks very lively, very aware and looks very healthy too. The employees were very responsive on any questions I had. I highly recommend buying here and I am gonna buy here again.

  3. itscheyokay (verified owner)

    My baby beardie arrived safely by overnight shipping. Packaging was awesome. He arrived unharmed and shipping was quick! The bearded dragon itself is very lively, eating awesomely, and far more social than I would have ever expected! This is the perfect addition to our family! Thank you so much to everyone from Xyzreptiles. 🙂

  4. janeli_g

    I just got mine and I gotta say, Simba is the most beautiful bearded dragon ever! ❤️

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