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Feeder Insects For Sale

One of the challenges of owning reptiles is finding feeder insects for sale. We have made the process very simple by allowing you to purchase your reptile food with the same user ease that you will experience when purchasing reptiles from us. We have also taken the challenge of live arrival away by guaranteeing our feeder insects for sale to your door.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Julie Montgomery
caldendar iconJuly 11, 2020

My daughter ordered a baby ivory ball python and he arrived 16 hours after being sent. We were excited when we opened the box. He was looking up at us and appeared to be healthy and safe. My daughter put him in his terrarium and he spent about an ... Read more

Jimmy Cornish
caldendar iconJuly 11, 2020

Python arrived healthy and happy! She appeared well cared for and had no visible health issues. Packaging was extremely well done.... Read more

Robert Sokolsky
caldendar iconJuly 11, 2020

I love xyz pets. These guys are great and very helpful. I ordered a boa last year and he is still doing very well. Animals are very well taken care of and it shows. My Savannah monitor took an extra day to get here, but that was the fault of fedex, ... Read more

Takisha Harmon
caldendar iconJuly 11, 2020

I was looking for the perfect birthday gift for my nephew. He is 19, so I thought he loves snakes but never had his own. So, I found xyz reptiles and found this beautiful snake. I love that I received it sooner than I was supposed to. I will definite... Read more

Live Feeder Insects

Most reptile shops only carry a handful of live feeder insects and then it’s a constant struggle with having the right variety and the proper meal sizes for your individual pets’ needs. At xyzReptiles we have provided our customers with a large assortment of live feeder insects for sale in a variety of sizes to accommodate the growing number of exotic pets out there. This category gives our customers the opportunity to customize their pet food order with a full line of insect food items including crickets, mealworms, wax worms, super worms, fruit flies, night crawlers and much more.

We source our live feeder insects from the most trusted company in the business and stand behind this line of products 100%. We provide an accurate description of the items you are going to receive including proper sizes and counts. We also provide a nutrient content chart for every item we offer for sale. Finally we guarantee live arrival of the food items to your door and make sure that you are getting what you pay for. As with any other product that we carry, you can reach us with any questions that you may have regarding reptiles and reptile food items.


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