Baby Citrus Bearded Dragon

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Species: Pogona vitticeps  Sex: Unsexed Length: 6 - 8 inches Diet: vegetation, prepared diet, insects Image: Representative Image SKU:A3102Categories:
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A baby citrus bearded dragon will make a wonderful beginner pet lizard. Our baby citrus bearded dragons are bred form diverse genetic bloodlines making them healthier and more visually stunning. Having bearded dragons as pets is a rewarding and interactive experience for the entire family.  In fact, pet bearded dragons are a main reason for the boom in reptile pet ownership. Everything from housing to feeding and interacting with pet lizards is an unforgettable experience. So don’t hesitate to look for some of our other bearded dragon morphs as well in this reptile category.

Keeping Your Baby Citrus Bearded Dragon Healthy

Keeping your citrus bearded dragon healthy and happy takes very few steps. Step one is to get the proper sized terrarium. Fifteen to twenty gallons is the correct size for a juvenile bearded dragon. Step two is having the right bearded dragon substrate which can be found here. The third step is proper lighting including incandescent heat lamps and fluorescent UVB lighting. The final step involves habitat design that includes branches, vines and leaves for the right look.

4 reviews

  1. gabev97 (verified owner)

    Ordered my citrus bearded dragon on Saturday and I was wondering what day it was gonna come. I emailed them, and right away they responded. Great customer service and even better exotics. My dragon warmed up pretty quick, wasn’t skiddish or anything. I highly recommend them.

  2. ehmetbrandy (verified owner)

    Thank you for a safe delivery. I love her, she is so gentle and very active. She is just awesome!

  3. Bryan Sheppard (verified owner)

    I ordered my dragon online. It was a day late because of a delay. But overall I love my baby dragon. He’s nice and healthy and very active. I did expect more color on him but I can live with it. Thanks for a safe delivery.

  4. Chantel Bass (verified owner)

    It arrived sooner than expected and the shipment was perfect! My daughter loves her citrus beaded dragon.

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