Caiman Lizard


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Species: Dracaena guianensis  Sex: Unsexed Length: Approximately 10-12 inches Diet: Snails and Canned Diet Image: Representative Image SKU:A3401Categories: Tag:lizard
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Each caiman lizard for sale is housed under optimal conditions at our Florida facility. Our loving staff provides them the best care possible to ensure you are getting a healthy specimen. These exotic lizards hail from various regions in south America. The caiman lizard is also known as the water Tegu by some enthusiasts. They sport bright colors on their heads with olive color bodies that resemble a caimans. They complete their caiman mimicry with scutes on their bodies and tails.

Our caiman lizards for sale can be fed on a prepared diet of snails and turkey or cat food. Caiman lizards grow to an impressive four feet in length. These rare to find farm bred lizards are only available once a year so if they are in stock don’t miss your change to get one. To learn more about these stunning pet lizards and their care read our article The Caiman Lizard: Your Very Own Faux Crocodile.


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