Albino Leopard Gecko

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Species: Eublepharis macularius  Sex: Unsexed Length: 4-6 inches Diet: insects Image: Representative Image SKU:A2102Categories:
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The baby albino leopard gecko is one of he first genetic variations of the leopard gecko in the pet trade. Our baby albino leopard geckos for sale are from the Bell and Tremper albino lines. They are beautiful and make healthy pet geckos. They have the same care and maintenance as any other Leopard Gecko and can be housed communally as long as there is no more than one male per tank. Our baby albino leopard geckos for sale are healthy, young specimens raised under optimal conditions

2 reviews

  1. cmladyfair (verified owner)

    OMG! They are so pretty, healthy and active. One is sweet, kinda shy and likes to cuddle where she can find extra warmth. The other one is honery. lol. She’d rather hiss and run around on the bed and try to hide under the covers. They both have good appetites and love their crickets. Mealies not so much. Gonna pick up some wax worms for a special treat.

  2. Mark Felice (verified owner)

    Hi, just writing to say that my recent order for 2 Baby Albino Leopard Geckos arrived in perfect condition. Both were perfect size for successful transition to my household. They were perfectly alert, calm, easily handled and quite Beautiful! I’ve shopped elsewhere in the past, but I have never had quite the satisfaction like I’ve had with “XYZ”
    Well Done!!!

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