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Species: Varanus exanthematicus  Length: Approximately 4-6 inches Diet: Insects, prepared diet Image: Representative Image SKU:A8104Categories:
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Each baby Savannah monitor for sale is feeding and is a healthy, acclimated farm bred hatchling. Our baby Savannah monitors make great beginner pet lizards for keepers of all ages.

26 reviews

  1. aneece26 (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful animal. You can tell the quality and care taken in good selective breeding. Packaged and shipped well. The team at xyz was concerned about a potential heat wave the day I was to recieve my lizard. They arranged a local post pick-up, so my lizard wasn’t on a hot truck all day. I had heard good things about XYZ, and now I know them to be true.

  2. Mia Torrez (verified owner)

    Love my monitor. Very easy and simple process.

  3. chadfriend88 (verified owner)

    I gave 5 stars because it really was great service a great animal as well. We’re super satisfied with our new addition to the family. Highly recommend!

  4. gata7986 (verified owner)

    Excellent service and speedy delivery, little one is named Godzilla. It was a birthday gift for my husband and he loved it. Godzilla is so cute. Thank you so very much!

  5. Justin Fernandez (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan of online orders especially when concerning live herps. I was hesitant at first. I ordered from backwater reptiles and was unsatisfied with the experience. I did my research, found xyz reptiles and attempted to inquire of the quality of the service via email. I didn’t get a response, so I ordered a savannah monitor and never looked back. The best baby savannah I’ve ever seen. He ate a couple of large crickets right out of the box. Thank you, I will recommend your services definitively.

  6. jackierms (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase. My savanna monitor settled right in eating and exploring his/her enclosure with no problem. Very funny to watch. My enclosure is humungous compared to my little guy/gal.

  7. Justin Fernandez (verified owner)

    My savannah monitor arrived alive and alert. I’m well pleased with my purchase from xyz Reptiles and I recommend them to anyone as long as they keep up their high standards.

  8. Nolan Leavitt (verified owner)

    He came super lively and healthy. He’s eaten a lot and is very active. I’m super pleased with my purchase and will be purchasing from here from now on.

  9. Ron Rainey (verified owner)

    Second time ordering from xyz and I couldn’t be happier. My savannah showed up healthy. Its eating and has plenty of energy which I’m very pleased with.

  10. Adam Pasillas (verified owner)

    I ordered two (hatchling) savannah monitors which arrived well. They are eating and exploring well. They are very social which I didn’t expect to be at first. Which makes my purchase 10x better. Thank you XYZREPTILES!!!

  11. Christian Smidt (verified owner)

    The shipping was great and my monitor is great! I can’t wait until it gets bigger. When I get my house done, I plan on getting more and having a whole room designated for monitors. I’m excited and xyreptiles will definitely be getting all my business.

  12. m_anz87 (verified owner)

    Shipping was flawless, shipped on time just like they advertise. Provided tracking, along with notification of delivery. The savannah monitor was active on arrival and explored the cage. On day two it stayed hidden as aspected but did pop out to snag a super worm. Day 3 was uneventful for me as it did stay hidden all day, but did make a brief appearance. All my cages have cameras to monitor the animals. This is my third purchase with XYZ and I keep coming back for a reason. Quality and healthy animals!!! I will update if I need to but I doubt I will.
    Side note: Savannah monitors are a great pet, and a good beginner large lizard animal for someone that has reptile experience and can provide it with proper care. They will require a large enclosure within the first year. They require a large basking area and deep substrate. Please do your research prior to making a purchase. Also know that the cost and upkeep to provide a quality life for this lizards are more then expected!

  13. Michael STEADMAN (verified owner)

    In very good shape and very active easy to handle.

  14. Robert Sokolsky (verified owner)

    I love xyz pets. These guys are great and very helpful. I ordered a boa last year and he is still doing very well. Animals are very well taken care of and it shows. My Savannah monitor took an extra day to get here, but that was the fault of fedex, not xyz. I highly recommend shopping here.

  15. Peter Files (verified owner)

    Arrived active and ate a roach and pinkie. Refused any food for 2 days but is still active and “spunky”. Fingers crossed

  16. Shane Davis (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the savannah monitor; it is beautiful and healthy. You guys did a great job and I would order from you any time.

  17. Shane Davis (verified owner)

    My baby savannah was alive and well. So beautiful and very alert! Thank you guys so much. I’ll be buying from you guys in the future, so be ready.

  18. Brandon Grzesiek (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 baby ball pythons and a savannah monitor. All 3 arrived promptly and have good weight and seem very healthy. I’ll be ordering again soon.

  19. Dakota Seale (verified owner)

    Loved the packaging, decent price including shipping . He’s a little on the aggressive side but I love it! Great business.! Plan to buy thru them again!

  20. Ashley Corio (verified owner)

    Came in lively and already eating like a champ!

  21. jayperry1996 (verified owner)

    Baby Savannah Monitor came in the mail on time & health xyzReptiles never disappoint!

  22. ervo43 (verified owner)

    This is only my second exotic pet and to be honest, I was pleased with the option I made. The lizard itself was normal acting, only hissed and tailwhiped during the very first interaction. “I did most of the hissing” but I absolutely love my savvy #Reptar. I would’ve like to see a birth certificate or some type of record of health for him, which I didn’t think to ask about. I know he’s is in the 3-6 month window now. Besides that the service was amazing and communication was also. Activity is way up, for these guys. Overall pleased! Thank you xyzreptiles

  23. burhan_qamar (verified owner)

    Cool monitor.

  24. Justin (verified owner)

    Love my little guy he’s healthy and running around his habitat. I will definently be buying from you guys again

  25. Larry (verified owner)

    Got my savanna n it was Healthy a Lil cool from trip (Florida to Pa) but alive n alert. Placed it n his temp housing to warm up n monitor my monitor, lol, all good so far. Ate some first day but regerd it shortly after not sure why maybe to soon n not warmed up enough. But, day 2 was all good with eating. He’s friendly n easily held. He’s moving to his new home today. Happy so far. Thanks XYZ..

  26. Osburnbr (verified owner)

    Great customer service, fast shipping, healthy lizard!

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