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Keeping the Russian tortoise as a reptile pet by xyzReptiles

keeping the Russian tortoise as a reptile pet

Lots of people tend to keep the Russian tortoise as a reptile pet. There are a few reasons for this trend. One reason is that the Russian tortoise as a pet is a strong and active reptile. Besides being a relatively easy reptile pet to find they are also rather inexpensive. Finally they are easy to take care of and live a very long time.

Properly Housing this Pet Tortoise

Properly housing the Russian tortoise is very easy and convenient. In the wild these straw colored tortoises are from the steppe region of Central Asia. Because they are found from Afghanistan to Russia they can handle a variety of temperatures. Do to their small size they are very comfortable in a medium sized terrarium. We recommend that you use a heat lamp and UVB light for correct lighting and heating for this pet tortoise.

What is the proper diet for your pet tortoise?

Let’s discuss, what is the proper diet for a Russian tortoise. These small sized tortoises come from a grass land area near the bases of mountains. It is best to keep them on a pellet zoo tortoise diet with a mixture of greens and shredded vegetables as a side dish. Access to a shallow water bowl or bi weekly soaking is a must. It is ok to offer them to eat fruits like strawberries and melons as a treat only, because they are not used to a high sugar diet. Therefore you should keep this feeding behavior to a minimum.

Finding the Russian Tortoise for Sale

Finally finding the Russian tortoise for sale is not hard to do. At xyzReptiles we have a dedicated section for tortoises for sale. This section includes the Russian as well as African spurred tortoise and red footed tortoise for sale. We also have a live arrival guarantee and fast and convenient overnight shipping through Fedex so you are sure to get a pet that is healthy and in a timely manner.

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