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What makes a caramel albino Central American boa morph?

what makes a caramel albino Central American boa morph

Have you seen a baby caramel albino boa and wondered what makes a caramel albino Central American boa morph? This beautiful baby snake is a mixture of light purple and an orange, caramel color with the regular patterns found on boa constrictor snakes. They tend to get brighter with age, with deep orange tones coming in as they mature. Caramel albino Central American boas are one of the best looking boa morphs around.

Is the caramel albino boa morph genetic?

People tend to ask “are caramel albino boa morphs genetic?”. This question mattered when the first three baby caramel albino boas for sale came into the country. I happened to be standing next to the prominent South Florida reptile dealer when the first babies came in from Nicaragua almost twenty years ago. They were labeled simply as special boas and it wasn’t until a few years later that they were proven to be genetic.

Are Central American boas and dwarf boas the Same?

People also want to know if Central American boas and dwarf boas are the same. The term dwarf boa is a descriptive term that represents a number of constrictor snakes form Central America. Dwarf boas are known for their smaller than normal size and darker coloration. The females tend to get larger than the males but rarely reach six feet in length. Central American dwarf boas are smaller than their South American cousins.

Where can I find boas for sale?

Are you wondering “where can I find boas for sale?” At xyzReptiles we carry a number of snake species and we have a large selection of constrictor snakes for sale. We have a dedicated boa constrictor section with a few morphs and localities that includes sand boas, red tail boas and dwarfs including the Central American boa morph.

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