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Where Can I Find Healthy Milk Snakes For Sale Online

where can I find healthy milk snakes for sale online

The question of where can I find healthy milk snakes for sale online has a new answer. At xyzReptiles we are very proud to have a nice variety of colubrids for sale. We offer a small but growing number of captive born and healthy baby milk snakes, baby king snakes and baby corn snakes for sale. We are adding two new tri-color milk snakes including the pueblan milk snake and the albino nelson’s milk snake to our lineup.

The Pueblan Milk Snake

The pueblan milk snake is a beautifully colored and small tri-colored colubrid. The descriptive term of tri-colored is used to classify colubrid snakes that have three distinct colorful bands. In the case of pueblan milk snakes the colors are straw yellow, deep red and jet black. Some pueblan milk snakes have a peach or orange band in the place of the yellow. These snakes are called apricot pueblan milks snakes.

The Albino Nelson’s Milk Snake

The albino nelson’s milk snake is another amazing looking tri-colored colubrid. In this case the colors are straw yellow, deep red and paper white. Because the black color that is present in the non albino form is transformed into pure white. This is a result of the lack of melanin in the albino mutation and also the definition of amelanistic. Albino milk snakes live in the same habitat, grow to the same adult size and can be bred to regular milk snakes.

Finding Milk Snakes For Sale Online

Finding milk snakes for sale online is easy and convenient. Shop at online reptile stores like xyzReptiles, where you find a variety of healthy and feeding baby colubrids for sale. You will also benefit from the live arrival guarantee and same day shipping. Milk snakes make great pets so don’t hesitate to get yours today. xyzReptiles is a leader in the reptile pet industry and is happy to now be offering these beautiful colubrids to their customers.

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