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What are some of the best pet lizards for sale online?

what are some of the best pet lizards for sale

Let’s look at what are some of the best pet lizards for sale online. There are some great options when it comes to keeping a lizard as a reptile pet. People keep lizards as indoor pets all over the world. These captive born and tame reptiles include leopard geckos, savannah monitors, iguanas and blue tongue skinks. You can buy any of these tame and friendly lizards with the convenience of online shopping from a handful of reputable online reptile stores.

Baby Savannah Monitors

Baby savannah monitors are a favorite amongst reptile keepers for a number of reasons. One reason people keep savannah monitors as pets is their small and manageable size. These lizards rarely get over thirty inches long and can be housed in a three to four foot long terrarium. They feed on a diet of canned food and prepared monitor grub. We feed our baby savannah monitors a variety of foods. We feed them monitor diet, hard boiled eggs, ground turkey meat and insects.

Baby Iguana Morphs

Baby iguana morphs are another great choice as reptile pets. Iguana morphs include blue iguanas, red iguanas and albino iguanas. Iguanas are available as captive born hatchlings that are ten to twelve inches long. They will grow at an average of twelve inches per year when fed and cared for properly. Because adults get four to five feet long, they need a large space to be comfortable. Some people keep adult iguanas as free roaming pets in the house.

Baby Blue Tongue Skins

Baby blue tongue skinks are fantastic reptile pets. There are a number of species and locality specific options available for purchase. One option is an Australian blue tongue skink. The common variety is the Northern blue tongue skink. Another variety of blue tongue is the Indonesian species. These pet lizards are smaller and darker than their Australian cousins. They are available as farm bred babies during the spring and early summer months every year.

Finding The Best Pet Lizards For Sale Online

Finding these baby lizards for sale online has never been easier. You should do all of your necessary research about  pet lizards before purchasing your chosen species. It is important to know about diet and adult size as well as behavioral and dietary needs before you make your final decision. At xyzReptiles we carry a growing number of the best pet lizards for sale online. Please call us and let us help you with your decision and research when you are looking for your next reptile pet.

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