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Why are ball pythons such popular pet snakes?

People always ask me “why are ball pythons such popular pet snakes?” The answer I give people is based on nearly thirty years of experience with this particular reptile as well as many years of results both breeding and keeping them. These constrictors are extremely popular pets for many reasons. One reason for this popularity is their small size. A second reason ball pythons are popular pets is their friendly demeanor. Finally the reason these guys are great pets is because of the huge variety of colors and patterns they possess.

The Many Ball Python Morphs

People love ball pythons as pets because of the many beautiful and colorful morphs available. Morphs are defined as color and or pattern mutations that are different than the ones found in the wild. Ball pythons are found as color morphs like albino, ghost, axanthic and caramel. They are also available as pattern morphs like spider, pinstripe, leopard and woma. The many combinations of these colors and patterns make a huge variety of animals for python lovers to choose from.

Keeping These Pet Snakes

Keeping these pet snakes is fun and simple. You can keep a baby ball python in a ten gallon terrarium for the first eight to ten months. You should keep a yearling ball python in a fifteen to twenty gallon terrarium. Adult ball pythons are comfortable in a forty to seventy five gallon terrarium. The essential parts fo a setup include heat pad, hide spot, water bowl and bedding. We do not recommend keeping multiple animals together but a pair can be housed together during the breeding season.

Finding Ball Pythons For Sale Online

Finding ball pythons for sale online is easy and fun. You can look for key phrases such as ball pythons for sale or ball python morphs for sale. Look for reputable online stores and feel free to ask about how their snakes are maintained at their facility. At xyzReptiles we have a large variety of healthy captive born ball python morphs for sale. Take advantage of our safe and secure overnight shipping with live arrival guarantee.


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