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Reptile Lighting & Heating

Reptile lighting and heating may just be the most important part of your reptile habitat. Most reptiles spend the majority of their day basking in sunlight and in an effort to give them a near perfect setup you should be aware of the lighting and heating needs of your new pet. With the correct combination of reptile heating pads, reptile light bulbs and infrared heaters you can rest assured that your favorite pet has everything it needs to stay healthy and strong as it grows in its new home.
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Verified Customer Reviews

Christopher Ward
caldendar iconJune 14, 2019

Perfect start up kit for ball python. Love it!... Read more

It works great for me. I keep the uv light on a timer and the heat lamp stays on 24/7 and I don’t have to have two separate bulky lights for my large aquarium.... Read more

Philip J Schneider
caldendar iconApril 06, 2019

Just what the doctor ordered. Very accurate and easy to use.... Read more

Halie Wilkes
caldendar iconNovember 28, 2017

Bought this for my baby Kenyan Sand Boa and it works great.... Read more

Reptile Heating

Zoo Med manufactured UVB lights are an essential part of your pets daily requirements. Remember that it not only adds a great visual effect to your setup but it also aids in your animals ability to extract nutrients and calcium from its food. All reptiles are cold blooded and depend on their environment to thermo regulate. This is the reason why reptiles bask in the sunlight to make sure their body temperature is high enough to digest food as well as fight infections and many other regulatory functions. Reptile heating is a must in almost every situation. We carry and recommend Zoo Med products because they are tested to be tried and true. Make sure that you have the right equipment for your reptile pet before you do anything else.


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