Reptile UVB Light Bulb 10.0

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  • High UVB and UVA Output - No Harmful UVC Output
  • Increases Feeding and Matting Behaviors
  • Aids in Vitamin D3 Regulation for Better Calcium Absorption
  • 5 Inches Base to Tip - Fits Standard Sockets
  • Free 30 Day Returns - Satisfaction Guarantee
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Our reptile UVB light bulb 10.0 is a fantastic source of high intensity UVB lighting for your pet lizards and tortoises. 10.0 UVB lights are perfect for bearded dragon lighting, chameleon lighting and tortoise lighting. The XYZReptiles UVB light bulb 10.0 is manufactured under strict and rigorous guidelines and ensures proper lighting for your pet.

This high intensity reptile uvb light is made specifically to be used for enclosures that can house a variety of reptile pets. Use this bulb along with a basking light for a perfect lighting and heating combination.

Our bulb is best for tortoises like the sulcata tortoise and the leopard tortoise. This bulb is also great for tegus, savannah monitors and other pet lizards like bearded dragons. Finally, this light is an ideal choice for illuminating Iguana terrariums. Our reptile lights are some of the best bulbs available at a competitive price.

Because reptile lighting is an important part of the perfect reptile setup you need a quality reptile UVB light for your pet. Along with proper bedding, heating and feeding, proper lighting keeps your reptile pet healthy and happy. You may want to view our other UVB and heat bulbs.

Pro Tip: All UVB bulbs lose their intensity over time and need to be replaced. Therefore write the start date on the UVB bulb itself and change it every six to eight months.

1 review

  1. Peter Files (verified owner)

    It lights up but a little dim. Would be best in a small enclosure.

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