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Back to Basics with the Common Green Iguana Reptile Pet


There are very few people who own reptiles today that have not at one time or another kept a Green Iguana as a reptile pet. I can say that I had a tame five-foot Green Iguana roaming my house and sleeping behind the couch. He was paper-trained and a delight to have and was the first thing people wanted to touch and look at. That was over twenty years ago and as of late I have been looking at having another pet iguana. Luckily today there are a number of different locality and color variations of the Iguana including: hypos, Blue Iguanas, Red Iguanas, Albinos and a number of up and coming mutations.

When I first started looking into exotic reptiles for sale I had the opportunity of purchasing a group of imported Green iguanas from a local importer in Homestead Florida. I placed an ad in the local paper, as this was a time before forums and classifieds and come to think of it the Internet as a whole. When I got home later that night there were a few messages on the answering machine (yes answering machine) and to my surprise all of them were sold by the weekend. This got me started in the reptile business and twenty-five years later Green Iguanas are still a hot topic and have tons of potential as a future of this hobby and business.

Iguanas for Sale at Our Online Reptile Shop

In South Florida Green Iguanas are a common sight on the sides of canals and roads. They have walked a fine line between introduced exotics and pest but for the most part no one is complaining when they see one basking or head bobbing next to the pool. The overall population took a big hit in the winter of 2008 and 2009 but they seem to have rebounded and are found regularly by hobbyist and collectors across south Florida. We do not condone the release of pet Iguanas into the wild and recommend proper housing and adoption of your unwanted animals.

On our online reptile shop we currently carry the Red Iguana and the Blue Iguana and will be adding albinos to the line-up of our Iguanas for sale in the coming days. Please feel free to contact us with any Iguana hatchlings you may be selling in the near future as well as any other healthy and quality reptiles you may have for sale.

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