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My Giant Pet Tortoises

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Out of the thousands of reptiles currently in my care the hands down favorites have got to be my 11-year-old pair of Aldabra Pet Tortoises. These two shy behemoths make me stop and think about where I was back in 2005 when I first got them and they also make me wonder where I’ll be in another 11 years when they will hit sexual maturity.

I have always favored Monitor Lizards and Pythons in my collection but recently with the availability of great quality captive born tortoises I have been thinking more and more about the possibility of becoming a tortoise breeder. I am aware that breeding tortoises is no easy task and the time required to bring a herd to maturity is longer than most people are willing to stick to a project. It is however very rewarding to see the results of such a well-planned and managed breeding project.

Committing to a Pet Tortoise

In the meantime, I am having great pleasure in meeting, talking to and buying tortoises from local breeders and suppliers from around the country. Having a pet tortoise is a long-term commitment as there are certain species that can live up to 80 years and beyond. They do have special dietary and lighting needs if you are keeping them indoors but once you have figured out the basics and committed yourself to the routine of keeping pet tortoises it can be great and rewarding experience.

Pet Tortoises for Sale

At xyzReptiles we currently carry a varied selection of captive born pet tortoises for sale from around the world. We carry Red-footed and Yellow-footed Tortoises from South America, Spurred and Leopard Tortoises from Africa and Elongated and Burmese Mountain Tortoises from Asia. We are always looking for healthy baby tortoises for the site so please check us out at and let us know what you have for sale.

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