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A Quick Setup Guide for Ball Pythons for Sale

Ball pythons are one of the most popular reptiles for sale. Their slow, calm movements and dietary needs make them a breeze to have. Reptile lovers of all levels love ball pythons, and with hundreds of morphs available, they add a unique aesthetic to any home.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a ball python for sale, we’re happy to say that you’re making a great choice! To keep your reptile safe, a little research goes a long way. Knowing what to feed it and how much heat it needs aren’t the only things to know about ball pythons. The type of environment to set up for them is just as important to create the perfect ball python habitat.

Here’s a quick setup guide to help you keep your ball python happy and healthy.

When it comes to the enclosure, most people rely on a fish tank. You might hear that a fish tank is just fine for keeping a ball python. While it will work, a fish tank is made for fish. So if you’re looking for an enclosure for your ball python, there are a few things to look for that a fish tank doesn’t provide. Make sure it locks, that it’s moisture resistant, and that it can retain humidity and heat. Having an enclosure that’s suited to the ball python will ensure that it lives a healthier life.

Ball pythons can be pretty strong and will take any chance to make their escape. Humidity and heat are essential parts of the ball python’s environment, so a moisture-resistant enclosure would benefit the both of you. This is why you’ll need an enclosure that’s specifically for ball pythons. Sure, a fish tank can be used to keep your new reptile pet in, but you are willing to invest a little more money there are other choices that make for a better ball python setup.

Unlike some snakes, you won’t find ball pythons basking in the sun. They require a heat source, but it should be focused primarily on their belly. This is why basking in the sun isn’t really something you’ll see a ball python doing. To get as close to it’s natural habitat, use an Under Tank Heater, like heat tape or pads. Since ball pythons are relatively slow, you should stay away from using heating rocks or anything else that could burn your slow-moving snake.

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