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Kingsnakes for Sale

Our kingsnakes for sale make for some of the best pet snakes on the market. Kingsnakes are small constrictors that rarely grow over four feet in length and can be kept in a medium sized terrarium for their whole life. Our kingsnakes for sale are available in a number of colors and patterns also known as morphs.

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Cole Larson
caldendar iconSeptember 21, 2019

I couldn't be happier, the MBK I ordered is super healthy and has a very energetic personality. Beautiful snake and I highly recommend purchasing from xyz reptiles. Using xyz reptiles was an amazing experience. Upon ordering my MBK I needed to change... Read more

Long Story Short! XYZ Reptiles is the best IMO... I had to wait until today (7/5/19)to post this review. I ordered a female baby black and white banded California king snake last Sunday (6/30/19). They shipped her with over night early day deliver... Read more

King Snake Morphs

King snake morphs are a combination of patterns and colors that can be blended together for a number of visually distinct and pleasing pet snakes. Some of the more popular morphs include the banded pattern, the striped pattern and the aberrant pattern which is a blend of the first two.

King Snakes for Sale Online

Some of our favorite king snakes for sale online can be found as albinos, black and white, chocolate and lavenders. These popular color morphs can be combined with the pattern morphs for an endless variety of great looking king snake pets.


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