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tegu care by xyzReptiles

If you have recently purchased a tegu for sale and are wondering what exactly you may need for tegu care then you may want to read this article. Tegu care is not as hard as you may think, once you have broken down the task into some simple components. Like many other reptile pets, tegus have their own specific set of needs and meeting these basic needs will ensure a healthy and happy pet tegu for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Components Of Tegu Care

The components of tegu care can be broken down into three or four simple steps. These steps include picking out the right tegu for you, tegu diet and feeding schedule, tegu housing and some basic reptile dos and don’ts. We recommend that you do your own research as well. But in the end a general consensus of advise and information will always point you in the right direction. We base our guides on years of research, experience and sharing of data with other breeders to bring our customers the best information we possibly can on this subject.

Tegu Diet And Feeding

The basics of tegu diet and feeding can be varied as well as overlapping but this is what we know works best for us. In the wild tegus are omnivores and their diet is based on what’s available seasonally as well as what opportunities arise on a day to day basis. In captivity we try and recommend a varied diet that consists of a basic canned tegu food, ground turkey, insects like worms, roaches and crickets as well as some fruit.

We also offer hard boiled eggs with bits of crushed egg shell as a source of calcium. You always want to add calcium and vitamin powder to their diet to give them a chance to get as much nutrients out of their diet as possible.

Tegu Housing

Another important aspect of a healthy tegu is having the proper tegu housing. In the wild tegus are terrestrial animals that will use abandoned animal burrows as well as dig their own if needed. In captivity a large terrarium with a deep level of bedding is recommended and the best bedding happens to be natural cypress mulch bedding or shredded coconut husk bedding. Some keepers will leave a two to three foot length of pvc pipe buried in the mulch for the tegu to find and hollow out.

You want to make sure the diameter of the pipe is wide enough so that the tegu can not wedge itself in there or get stuck. As for the size of the terrarium, the bigger the better and since adult tegus can get up to four feet long you will want to have access to an enclosure that is six to eight feet in length.

Finding An Argentine Tegu For Sale

Once you have secured the proper housing and diet for your pet tegu, you will be ready for the final steps. Finding and choosing which Argentine tegu for sale; the red tegu or black and white tegu is the better pet for you . There are three places that argentine tegus come from and that includes farms overseas, local breeders in the US and a small number of tegus come from a population of animals that have been established in the wild in South Florida.

At xyzReptiles we carry both and have a soft spot for the captive born baby black and white argentine tegus for sale. These animals are born with a brightly colored green head that fades to a black and white as they quickly mature into adulthood. Tegus are a great reptile pet that can be as tame as a lap dog when raised and housed properly and fed a healthy diet.

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