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What’s A Better Reptile Pet, Red Tegu Or Black And White Tegu?

What's A Better Reptile Pet, Red Tegu Or Black And White Tegu?

The search for a perfect reptile pet is always on a new owners mind but the question surrounding pet lizards is what’s a better pet, red tegu or black and white tegu? To properly answer this question we need to first look at the tegu as a pet lizard with its many positives and then consider the advantages of keeping one species over another. This quest will start with the understanding of tegus as the South American version of the monitor lizard. These animals are known to get to a manageable adult size of three to four feet in length with males being larger and more colorful in both species. It is also good to know that with proper handling and care both types of tegu will be calm and easy to handle. It is also important to know that a variety of different diets including eggs, ground turkey, insects and pre killed rodents will make for a healthy and well balance tegu meal.

Argentine Red Tegu As A Pet

The Argentine red tegu as a pet is fast becoming one of the most sought after lizards for a couple of reasons. One reason is the bright red coloration that the adults get as they mature. This is especially evident in the males which also happen to develop large jowls like a bulldog. Another reason is the amazing behaviors adult tegus display like approaching keepers for affection and interaction as well as being as calm and collected as a lap dog. This doesn’t happen automatically or by accident and it’s important to note that just like having a trained pet dog, it takes time and effort to hand raise a pet red tegu into an amazing and affectionate adult.

Argentine Black And White Tegu As A Pet

Meanwhile an Argentine black and white tegu as a pet is no less attractive or tame but there are differences in size and appearance between the two species. For starters, adult male black and white tegus are not as large or as impressive as red tegus but they are close. The males still do get a distinct jowl that develops as they mature and they also have a very attractive black and white pattern that is rather striking. This is in stark contrast to the bright green colored head pattern that the babies are born with but that also fades as they mature. What they do have in common is the calm and tame behavior they exhibit time and time again but just like red tegus, black and white tegus need to be raised properly for the best results.

Pet Tegus For Sale Online

If you are looking for pet tegus for sale online or any other reptile pets, it is always important to do some basic research before making a purchase. Look into the proper housing as well as maximum lifespan and dietary requirements before making your decision. Also remember that at xyzReptiles we have a large selection of lizards as pets including geckos, bearded dragons, iguanas and tegus. We are also available and happy to help with husbandry questions and any other reptile related queries.




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3 responses to “What’s A Better Reptile Pet, Red Tegu Or Black And White Tegu?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Good article. I have both a b/w, red and blue. I will say from my experience the b/w are the most intelligent, and learn very quickly but blues are very calm, even at a young age. As for size I’ve heard that reds get the biggest but in my experience and after talking to others I thinks B/W get slightly bigger but the Jowls of the reds are bigger. This is also down to genetics and individual as my b/w is bigger than my red. Sadly most people tend to overfeed their reds, making their jowls and body look bigger and bulkier. Of course blues are the smallest but can still get about 4′.

    As for care, I have to go with b/w as reds tend to have shedding problems and need to be kept a bit higher humidity when adults. Blues hate the any form of cold and need to kept a bit warmer.

    I will say reds are beautiful and I love the pattern on mine. A high white blue though is on a whole new level. All of mine are intelligent, calm, and like dogs, each with their own attitude and personality. For someone new to large lizards and wanting a tegu I’d recommend starting out with a B/W as they are the heartiest, followed by reds, then blues. They all need the same care: large cage (all of mine are in grow tents, which is perfect) good humidity, heat, UVB or MVB and whole prey every week, mixed with fruit and low fat meat with calcium and multivitamins once a week. Overall tegus in general are great pets!

  2. jasonjameshaynes1983 says:

    I’d love to see your grow tent setup. I was thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks, jay

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