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Researching baby Tegu lizards for sale

As the summer approaches and baby reptiles become more increasingly available it is a good time to start considering a pet lizard as your next purchase. As one of the many different variety of pet lizards available, Argentine tegus are a seasonal yet consistent part of the variety of lizards for sale at xyzreptiles. This season is no different as we start the hatch season with our first batch of tegus, which happen to be the Argentine Black and White tegu. Here you will find a brief description of the three different tegus available for purchase this summer.

The Argentine black and white tegu

The hatchling baby Argentine black and white tegu is one of nature’s unique animals in that it is born one color and then changes at it matures. Baby black and white tegus are born with a bright green head and dark body and as they mature the green changes to white and more white color creeps in to their pattern so that as adults they are a very impressive medium built lizard with a nicely contrasting black and white color. Our baby black and white tegus for sale are a combination of captive born animals sourced right here in south Florida as well as a small number of farmed babies imported into the country.

The beautiful red tegu

Another one of these impressive lizards for sale that is available now is the Argentine Red tegu. Aside from its impressive adult coloration of deep red and maroon on a pink to orange background color, red tegus are another example of animals that undergo a color change as they mature. The babies are a non-descript mix of brown and yellow and green with black stripes but as they mature the deeper red coloration starts to show and adults can be extremely impressive in looks and size. They are also sourced locally but in the wild they are found in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. The one thing they all have in common is their easy going nature and ability to recognize and seek attention from their keepers.

The blue tegu and its mysterious origins

The last tegu we offer for sale seasonally on our site is the Blue Tegu. Although there is much discussion as to the origin of the color morph we are lucky enough to have really close ties to one of the biggest breeders of Blue Tegus in the country and that way we assure a reliable supply of these amazing animals every summer. The blue tegu looks like a light colored black and white tegu and like the other lizards for sale that we discussed, it develops a light blue jean color as it matures. There is a close tie with the albino blue tegu in the genetics and at this point almost all specimens are either het for albino or possible het for albino.


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