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Where Can I Find A Red Footed Tortoise For Sale?

If you are a new reptile owner or someone who is interested in having a reptile as a pet then you may ask yourself “where can I find a red footed tortoise for sale?”. The answer to this and many other reptile related questions are closer than you think. At xyzReptiles we carry a large selection of reptiles including a broad range of tortoises for sale. This list includes red footed tortoises for sale as well as heating and lighting equipment to help you care for your new reptile pet.

Housing Your Red Footed Tortoise For Sale

Unlike most other reptile pets, housing your red footed tortoise for sale may be more involved than you think. Tortoises need both heating and lighting requirements met in order to ensure a healthy and happy living condition. For heating red footed tortoises we recommend a 75 watt to 100 watt basking light and the size of the bulb depends on the size of the enclosure. For natural light replacement we recommend a 5% to 10% uvb bulb and the percentage of uvb depends on whether your tortoise is a grassland species like the leopard tortoise and the African spurred tortoise or a forest species like the red footed tortoise or the elongated tortoise. Feeding your pet tortoise is made easier by a variety of prepared diets that are tailor made for either grass feeding tortoises or fruit and veggie feeding tortoises.

Other Tortoises For Sale

As with our other reptile pet categories, our tortoises for sale cover a wide range of species. We have small sized tortoises for sale that include the Russian tortoise and the Indian star tortoise. We carry medium sized tortoises for sale such as the leopard tortoise and the red footed tortoise. We also carry larger species of tortoises for sale like the African spurred tortoise and the Burmese mountain tortoise. All of these tortoise species are available as captive bred and born babies that are guaranteed to be feeding and healthy when they arrive safely to your door using Fedex priority overnight shipping. We also offer at no extra charge an industry standard setting live arrival guarantee.

Online Reptile Store

Using such features as overnight shipping and a stock sensitive website that is updated in realtime makes it possible for us to be one of the most popular online reptile stores around. The convenience of shopping for your next reptile pet online is as simple as browsing through our site for a reptile species that catches your interest and then spending some time reading through our articles and blogs that feature select animals and groups of animals found on our site. We always recommend that our customers educate themselves about the dietary needs, housing needs and adult size of the reptile pet they are interested in purchasing.


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