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Finding And Breeding Adult Pied Ball Pythons For Sale

One of the most beautiful ball python morphs happens to be the pied ball python and finding an adult pied ball pythons for sale can be a bit of a challenge because of their inherent beauty. Most reptile keepers have that holy grail morph that they have always wanted and when they end up getting it, most keepers will cherish it and not give it up that easily. At xyzReptiles we have put all of our efforts into networking and searching through large collections of reptiles including ball pythons to bring our customers the best ball pythons morphs for sale on the market. Finding adult pied ball pythons for sale has never been easier thanks to our dedicated page that features pieds, pastel pieds and more.

Housing Adult Ball Pythons

Housing adult ball pythons is easier than ever with the advent of the ball python rack system. long gone are the days of used glass fish tanks with home made screen lids stacked with bricks and weights to keep snakes from escaping. Today there are a number of companies making specially designed terrariums with locking lids and doors as well as light weight rack systems that can individually house up to a dozen adult ball pythons in a very small square footage. In nature, ball pythons can be found living inside small mammal tunnels and nests under termite mounds. It is possible for a two to three thousand gram animal to be comfortable and happy in a small environment. Some adult snakes prefer to use medium hide spots and fully confine themselves into an area where they can physically feel all parts of their bodies touching the floor, walls and top of the hide spot.

Feeding Adult Ball Pythons

Due to the breeding seasons that trigger feeding behaviors in ball pythons, some people have the misconception that feeding adult ball pythons is difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth if you take the time to understand why these snakes behave the way that they do. In the wild, most snakes including ball pythons are opportunistic feeders. They may not encounter food for days, weeks or even months and when they do, they eat as much as they possibly can. In captivity, ball pythons are offered food on a weekly basis and this works fine when they are first born and all through their lives until they reach sexual maturity. During the breeding season which can last form November through May of the following year, male ball pythons rarely think about anything other than the task at hand which is reproduction. Unlike the males, female ball pythons try to get as much food as possible because after they lay their eggs, they coil tightly around them and will not move for the two months that egg incubation takes. they tend to bulk up before this time and are very hungry after the eggs hatch.

Breeding Adult Pied Ball Pythons For Sale

If you have plans of breeding adult pied ball pythons then you should be aware of the males needs and of the females needs before you start the breeding season. We recommend that both animals are of proper age, weight and breeding cycle. It is important for the males to be at least 18 months of age and over 600 grams and well fed before being introduced to the female. We also recommend that the females are at least 30 months of age and over 1500 grams and preferably 1800 grams before being introduced to the male. Female ball pythons will feed during and after breeding season so if the female is not as big as possible when breeding season starts it is still possible for her to feed two times a week and get bigger before laying her eggs. Maternal incubation is possible but due to the stress that it puts on a female an incubator is recommended. There are a few custom made incubators as well as a couple commercially made ones available for sale on the market at all times.

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