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Ball Python Care

All snakes are not created equally and the country of their origin will decide what type of care they will need. Ball Python Care is a science that has been perfected over the last 30 years to reflect the specific needs and intricacies of that species. This section is a brief overview of each step in making sure your pet has the best possible care.

Ball Python Setup

The basic ball python setup is a rather simple and sometimes boring looking habitat. It is important to remember that the basic needs of the animal are being met and that the animal’s future health depends on this. These habitats can be as simple as a glass tank and lid or as complicated as a custom made natural looking replica of the animal’s home in the wild. There is also the option of a multi-unit racking system for use in breeding or large holding facilities. All of these options are further and more fully discussed in our setup page in the drop down menu.

Ball Python Feeding

One of the most common problems in keeping snakes is getting them feeding on a regular schedule. Ball python feeding can be affected by the temperature or the humidity level of the enclosure the snake is being kept in. It can also be determined by the prey size and whether or not the animal was imprinted on live or frozen-thawed food items. Following the basic steps outlined and explained in our feeding page will almost always guarantee success in getting your new pet to feed and stay feeding on a regular schedule.

Ball Python Shedding and Mites

Once your animal is feeding on a regular basis chances are that it will go into a shedding cycle. Once again temperature and humidity levels will play a major role in determining whether or not your pet will have a successful shed or not. Another issue that arises in pet snakes is the unfortunate arrival of mites or ticks. Issues dealing with ball python shedding and mites are outlined in detail on our shedding and mites page and will cover any problems you may encounter.

Ball Python Breeding

When you have conquered the basic needs of your pet snake and established a good working relationship in your reptile room it is usually time to start thinking about the next step in snake keeping. Ball python breeding is one of the more simple ways of getting and having more pet snakes. It can be rather simple if you follow the steps outlined in the breeding section of our snake care page. This page will take you through all the phases from picking the right pair and breeding into incubation and setting up of the new baby snakes.