Baby Banana Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410138Categories: Tags:banana ball python, coral glow
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Every banana ball python for sale is given the best care possible by our dedicated staff. The banana ball python is also known as the coral glow ball python. It is one of the nicest colored and patterned ball python morphs. They are a mixture of yellow, pink, orange, red and purple colors and no two are alike. There is a super version that is lighter in color and makes nothing but visuals when bred to any other morph. Our baby banana ball pythons for sale are young, healthy and feeding regularly!

93 reviews

  1. kaitlyn.lusk (verified owner)

    I got my snake today, and he’s absolutely beautiful. He’s my first snake ever, and I’m really excited. He looks healthy, like he’s been eating well, no sign of mites that I could tell, clear eyes. And he’s strong too lol he was wrapped around a piece of his packing paper, but he relaxed enough in my hand after a minute or two that I was able to gently wiggle the paper away, and then he wrapped his little tail around my wrist to hold on. I lowered my hand into his tank and he stretched out and checked out the plant and the substrate, then made his way right into one of his caves. I’m going to leave him be for a few days to settle in and then see if he’s hungry, since his card says he usually eats on Fridays and today is Thursday. My daughter and I have decided to name him Mango Milkshake, a reference to one of our favorite movies lol.

  2. Jillanna Kopecky (verified owner)

    He is super sweet and friendly! He seems super shy. But we are having a hard time feeding him, not sure what is going on with that. We have had him for 6 days now and have tried feeding but he doesn’t take it. Not sure if our little guy is picky or if it’s something health wise.

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello and thank you for your review. Please contact us via email or call us during business hours at your earliest availability so that we may trouble shoot any feeding issues you may have.

  3. catlvr381 (verified owner)

    We recieved our baby boy banana ball python Wednesday and he is absolutely precious. We named him Barney Buttercup and he loves snuggles. Very healthy and alert. Thank you for everything xyz!

  4. Hailey Van Vooren (verified owner)

    I am so happy with this purchase. Snake was in good health when it arrived and was the sweetest thing. Absolutely beautiful! I had to contact someone who works at the shop regarding feeding and other questions, very helpful and polite. I absolutely recommend.

  5. Gary Hoskins (verified owner)

    This was literally the best online shopping experience I’ve ever had! Every question I had was answered completely and with great timing! My girlfriend absolutely loves her new ball python and I will most definitely continue doing business with this company. Huge shoutout to their entire staff for putting smiles on our faces!

  6. lharbi20 (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy male. He’s absolutely stunning. Shed on the way over and pooped immediately which are the things I worry about most with new snakes. He’s active and friendly. 🤘

  7. eldalomeli (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!! Will be placing more orders in the near future! Ordered a banana ball python. He is beautiful and looks to be very healthy and well taken care of.

  8. jacgarner89 (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend. Ordering was a very pleasant experience. Shipping was fast and safe for the snake. Plus the prices are very reasonable! I wish we had an XYZREPTILES in Texas!

  9. jacgarner89 (verified owner)

    Very pleasant experience!

  10. Brookelyn Turpin (verified owner)

    I absolutely love him. He came super quick and was super healthy when he arrived!! Totally buying from XYZreptiles again!

  11. dking8394 (verified owner)

    I love him, he’s so cute! Checkout was simple and quick. Shipping was efficient. Worth every penny. My python I got as a kid just passed away. Devastated my family. Surprised them with the little baby and they’re losing their minds over him. I will definitely come back and find another baby to give a forever home to.

  12. lalawest0 (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors and I absolutely love him!

  13. annatelford144 (verified owner)

    My baby just got delivered today! He is even more vibrant and sweet then I thought possible. I am absolutely in love with him and I will definitely continue to buy from XYZ reptiles. I would recommend to everyone else too! Not only are the reptiles beautiful that they produce but everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful.

  14. Nathan Delong (verified owner)

    I got my Banana Ball Python in the mail about 6 days ago. The little guy is beautiful! I love his coloring even more in person than from the pictures. He arrived happy and healthy. He took two small mice, two days after receiving him, with no problem at all. This guy is super docile and loves to be handled. My two year old daughter already loves holding him. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with my purchase from XYZ. My wife on the other hand… she was not too impressed that I brought a snake home but that is a problem for a different thread! hahaha I will definitely be looking to XYZ for my future snake needs!

  15. brad.peske (verified owner)

    Got my banana a couple days ago. He seems healthy and is enjoying his new home. Definitely will order my future snakes from here.

  16. stephanie kurtz (verified owner)

    I got my banana last week. He is in good health and seems happy. Oh and He is a gorgeous little guy! Thanks

  17. Megan Marcum (verified owner)

    I got my Grell a couple days ago. He came healthy and lively. I upgraded his enclosure and put him in. He ate for me today, which was a great learning experience for my 4 year old. He’s a cherished part of our family now. Our Banana boy!

  18. Shawn Whitney (verified owner)

    My handsome baby boy came at the exact time that he was supposed to show up so I didn’t have to wait and wonder. I was nervous as I’ve never ordered a live animal online before but he came healthy and active. He is now in his enclosure here, still healthy and active. I am so happy of my purchase and our new family member. My wife named him Wayne after my dads snake who’s name was Bruce. I will with out a doubt be ordering and recommending xyz in the near future.

  19. Jose Pinales (verified owner)

    Just picked up today. Beautiful color and very active. An amazing reptile. I loved the customer service and they took care of all the info I needed. I will be ordering again soon. Thank you guys!

  20. Lance Halpern (verified owner)

    I received my baby today and I could not be happier. She was healthy, alert, spunky and very has beautiful colors.

  21. Stephanie Santiful (verified owner)

    He is beautiful. I was worried because he came cold and very limp to the point where I thought he was dead even though he was packaged properly. I think there may have been an issue with the heat pack. I contacted someone who took the time to text me and sort of listen to my concerns. I’m letting him acclimate and hoping he’ll be okay.

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello and thank you for your review. We have to take all temperatures throughout the entire shipping chain into account when deciding on what to put in the box to keep the animal safe. It is much easier to hurt the animal due to overheating it.

  22. KyAsia Buckhannon (verified owner)

    My Banana came alive, alert, very spunky and in seemingly good health. I will definitely be coming back in the future for my next one.

  23. Christyn Sanz (verified owner)

    Exactly as I was expecting! Arrived alive and well, confirmed it’s definitely the gender I bought! (Male) He has eaten twice already and is going to shed! I Could not be happier. I was a lil worried ordering online but would definitely recommend xyzreptiles!

  24. Will Dodd (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with this purchase! The snake was exactly what I was wanting! It was an exact match to the picture, and as far as I can tell the sex is what I asked for. The packaging was well done, and my order arrived quickly. This is an excellent store!

  25. Tyler Duff (verified owner)

    After watching a lot of unboxing YouTube videos I started to get nervous. But when my baby banana showed up I was so happy with how everything was packaged. The box was at the perfect temperature and my little baby was so curious, so healthy and energetic!! Very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend.

  26. michael palmo (verified owner)

    Our baby is perfect! It shipped on time and came in excellent health.

  27. sassyvoodoo (verified owner)

    I have never been soooo happy about a baby banana ball. He is so sweet, curious and well mannered. Thanks so much for making this experience possible.

  28. mayarenee2005

    I received my banana ball python and he was packaged well and seems perfectly healthy. We will definitely be ordering from XYZReptiles in the future!

  29. drakesmommy7 (verified owner)

    Received my baby banana ball python, and he was everything I had hoped for and more. He arrived safe and healthy, and is eating well. Will be ordering more babies from XYZReptiles very soon!

  30. maja.a.brooker (verified owner)

    The Banana ball Python I ordered came healthy and looks amazing! It ate the fist time I tried feeding it and is very friendly. I also am really happy that I got a note stating the rodent size it eats and hatchdate. 🙂

  31. Megan Mcclure (verified owner)

    Shipping was great and fast, I got my little guy a few days ago! He’s so beautiful, so calm and he’s healthy. He is now my 3rd snake. My daughter loves him, he was a little afraid the first day but ever since, He has been very active and happy. I really enjoyed the papers that came with him; when he gets fed and when he was born. thank you!!!

  32. xerikabmthx (verified owner)

    Artemis arrived today and he is absolutely beautiful! He is already exploring his tank and seems to have a good temperament. My daughter is 9 and took him out of his packaging, he was scared but not aggressive at all. Thank you! I Will definitely look here if I’m wanting another snake in the future.

  33. Mikayla Amora (verified owner)

    She arrived on time and healthy! Got used to her new home fairly quickly and was able to get her eating on the first try. So happy! Will be ordering from XYZReptiles again!

  34. Fabian Artese (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect. Our Python arrived on time, healthy and she is beautiful. thanks!

  35. Emily Ingle (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my little girl! She is absolutely the sweetest and is warming up nicely. I will definitely be buying from you again!

  36. neenoz72 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my baby banana ball python. He arrived on time and is adjusting nicely. Thank you so much. I will definitely buy from you again.

  37. Rich Lamping (verified owner)

    She arrived quickly and is beautiful. I will definitely purchase from here again. Can’t wait to feed her today.

  38. Charles Escallier (verified owner)

    I purchased a baby banana ball Python female on 4/18/2020 and she’s gorgeous! Her color is so pretty and she is so nice and friendly, xyz did an excellent job. They even called me back 5 mins later when I had a question about the substrate they used. Very efficient company. Thank you guys. Will buy again for sure.

  39. Rich Lamping (verified owner)

    She arrived healthy and looks great. I will definitely purchase another ball python from here.

  40. Carrie Pasterz (verified owner)

    He arrived healthy and curious. He’s such a gorgeous boy. Sooo definitely buying from here again! Thank you!

  41. Joshua Coombs (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my banana boy. Super sweet and was poking his head out of the bag as soon as I opened it. Gorgeous snake! Can’t wait to get another.

  42. mgkmerlin (verified owner)

    I am totally in love with my new baby banana ball python! He arrived quickly, healthy, and safe. Nice and toasty warm from him heat pack. He is super sweet and docile, and his color is absolutely stunning! This was the best early birthday present I could have gotten. Will absolutely purchase from you guys again – wonderful experience, and wonderful new addition to the family! We love him! Thank you so much!!!

  43. Kyle Baddley (verified owner)

    Our Baby Banana is just Beautiful! He arrived Healthy and safe. He is better than described and a lovely addition! Will purchase here again.

  44. Micki Burch (verified owner)

    Love my baby banana! He came healthy and very lively…. he’s the cutest thing! We love him!

  45. rjmsmm2015 (verified owner)

    Love my banana ball python, he is beautiful. Packed nicely. Will definitely be back!

  46. Tracee Wilson (verified owner)

    I’m so in love with the Banana Ball I got from you guys, thank you so much!! He’s beautiful and he’s healthy. He’s perfect and now he’s family! I will definitely be back and will bring others =)

  47. Jacob Hannan (verified owner)

    Im very pleased with how beautiful this little guy is. Good work xyzReptiles! I will be making more orders soon!

  48. Jessica Johnson (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the communication about shipping as well as the shipping process and what I received. Sadly my new little guy had pooped during travel so I was afraid to open the bag not knowing if the smell was because of a dead pet or not! Fortunately it was just Mother Nature running its course and I was able to take my new baby out, clean him up and start loving him! He has not eaten yet with a few attempts but I’m guessing there was a little stress with shipping so hopefully he will enjoy a meal soon! Looks to be in great health, amazing color and great service! I would highly recommend XYZ reptiles in the future!

  49. Sharon Heaton (verified owner)

    I brought a female and a male banana ball. My banana was SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL he looked like he was a PURE BRED. He was a little shy (for only 30 minutes ). Then he was as active and happy like he has been here forever.

  50. Annie Florian (verified owner)

    My baby arrived safely. He’s so beautiful. I had a recently lost of one last week. I was depressed. I’m really happy that I found this company.. I can give more ⭐️.. ❤️

  51. Erika Peet (verified owner)

    My little banana ball python not only came alive, well and warm but, he is absolutely beautiful! I will be ordering again!

  52. xpressions104 (verified owner)

    Bought a male banana ball python. This is my first of many purchases. Staff was very helpful. I never owned a python before so I had a lot of questions. Which the staff helped me with entirely. Thank you all for the beautiful python and great customer service.

  53. ericgarton90 (verified owner)

    Bought a female banana ball python. Staff was very helpful with questions concerns. Snake was alive and healthy when delivered. Very active and docile very quick shipping ordered previous day and arrived 9 am next day!

  54. Gillian Wright (verified owner)

    Snake was warm when I picked her up from the FedEx facility. She’s extremely beautiful and very active in her new enclosure.

  55. adoggette (verified owner)

    I received my snake on 11/14. He is absolutely beautiful, and colors are so much more rich and vibrant in person. He looked healthy; clear eyes, nose, mouth. I held him for pick up at a fedex hub, but he was still extremely cold after unboxing. He refused his first meal (offered a week after arrival), but as of tonight he’s taken his first f/t hopper with me. Couldn’t be happier with the quality of the animal. Response to inquiries were overall quick, even after purchase and delivery.

  56. Glen Gayton (verified owner)

    Wow such a beautiful snake!! I will be sending business to you. Everyone wants to know, where did I get this banana ball python for such a low price!! Very satisfied!!

  57. Mohammad Mohammad (verified owner)

    I recently bought a baby ghost Ball python this month and now im just buying a new baby banana ball python. If anyone that wants to buy baby ball pythons this is the best website you can find for a really cheap and great prices!!!!

  58. corey phillips (verified owner)

    I ordered my banana man about a week ago and I’m nothing short of impressed; he is beautiful and healthy! I was a little nervous about ordering an animal online but they got him shipped out quick and the tracking number let’s you watch every step of the process. I had him within 12 hours of my order, safe and sound! I will for sure be coming back here for my next snake! Thanks again XYZReptiles!!

  59. alyssaswadling (verified owner)

    I ordered my baby banana boy a few months ago and his color is gorgeous. Shipping went very well, they keep you updated on arrival time, and he arrived perfectly fine? I’d definitely get another snake from here in the future.

  60. gaz3tt325 (verified owner)

    I was scared at first to order an animal online but my mind was put to easy with the tracking system. I got him at a healthy temp and must say after a week of having him I must say rad beans and thank you.. Keep up the good work… Literally got him about 13 hour later after he made it to Fedex.

  61. Ariana Capo (verified owner)

    My baby is beautiful! He came on time but was a bit cold, nothing serious though. I’m in love with his pattern .

  62. Audrey Crabtree (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my banana python. Very healthy and was packaged really good. I would definitely order from them again. Alex was a very nice guy when I talked to him on the phone.

  63. Victor Lugo (verified owner)

    I got my male Banana Ball Python from these guys and I was amazed at how healthy and alert he was when he arrived. He’s doing real good and is beautiful, and when I call for advice they are very helpful. They answer me to their fullest extent. I highly recommend these guys if you want a reptile and are scared to order online cause your scared to get a sick animal. You won’t regret this decision and I will continue to do business with XYZ!!!:)

  64. glasscity (verified owner)

    Perfect, just what I was wanting. Great banana ball python, on time and great colors! I had a bad experience with a different company. This is the only online reptile to buy from, I will never go any where else!

  65. makennaraspantini (verified owner)

    The company even took into account the weather of where I lived before shipping and let me know personally which is very considerate. Snake was ready to come out and was in perfect health with beautiful colors. Will buy another pet from them again ?

  66. ratlifko (verified owner)

    Beautiful Banana. Packaged well and even tells you what they’re current eating schedule/ diet is. Will order again!

  67. Tony.hansel28 (verified owner)

    My daughter and I could not be happier. Excellent breeder and customer service. Corona showed up well packaged, healthy and beautiful. Thank you XYZ. We will buy again and recommend you to all

  68. kgonzothegreat (verified owner)

    I got my baby banana last Thursday and he is an absolute sweetheart! So curious, perfectly healthy, and just so gorgeous! Have plans on ordering a baby albino in the next few weeks, so definitely ordering from XYZ again soon!

  69. omahatrackandy (verified owner)

    Absolutely the easiest order I’ve ever done. The baby banana ball python arrived just perfect. Will order again soon!

  70. Christine Anderson (verified owner)

    Had a little problem in shipping but they fix it and i couldn’t be happier with the snake

  71. George Xique (verified owner)

    First ball Python I ever got and it’s perfect. The colors are bright and is healthy. It was delivered on time. I’m so getting another one in the future.

  72. Michal Sacharczyk (verified owner)

    First purchase from xyz, wasn’t really expecting the banana to be as beautiful as the picture but my male just came in the other day and is very colorful and calm. Everything went well with you guys, only thing that I wasn’t happy about was FedEx ignoring the shipping notes, but that has nothing to do with you guys so 5 star review for sure!

  73. Michelle Woods (verified owner)

    I only give 4 stars due to a delay in delivery due to weather from Hurricane Irma. The transaction was great otherwise and I received a Beautiful Banana which is alive and well. When I’m looking for another snake I will buy from XYZ reptiles again.

  74. missxeerie

    I received my banana ball python extremely fast. He is healthy and so tame! I would recommend and purchase another from xyz reptiles! Thank you so much!

  75. Bianca Osuna (verified owner)

    He arrived a little before scheduled which was wonderful because I could not wait. He was packaged very well and was immediately flicking his tongue around as soon as my hands started warming him up more.
    I love that you guys include a little card with their born date, when they are eating, and what they are eating. Super helpful and just great customer service.
    I am buying from you guys in the future.
    Also, his color was so beautiful and his little black spots are adorable. Still working on a name 🙂

  76. blackdogarmorer

    PEEL is the name of the Banana ball we ordered and we’ve had him for about a month now. Like always he’s very healthy and friendly (we’ve gotten 3 snakes from xyz reptiles now). He has beautiful markings and has no problems eating. Once again the quality that xyz brings to the table is purely astonstioning….ive said this on other reviews on but is this only place I’ll buy my snakes and I definitely have plans for more

  77. Swomp65 (verified owner)

    Got a male banana for my son as a birthday gift, he loves it!!! Beautiful animal, amazing color, very healthy and tame! Packaging was great, shipping was on time. Very pleased with xyz & will defiantly order from them again.

  78. allinewsom1997 (verified owner)

    Got our banana boy in the mail on Tuesday and he’s settling right in. His colors are so beautiful and he’s already got a few black specks. Packaging was great and he seems healthy. Can’t wait for his first feeding!

  79. rockstar61182 (verified owner)

    My snake arrived as promised he is beautiful and perfect!! Will definitely buy from them again!!!

  80. rockstar61182 (verified owner)

    My snake arrived it was beautiful and perfect we are soo happy!!! Will definitely buy from them again!!!

  81. Maria (verified owner)

    Very healthy and beautiful little coral glow. Very satisfied with packaging! Will definitely be ordering from this website in the future

  82. Kristie (verified owner)

    We were hoping that our snake would arrive sooner than we got it, however due to weather it didn’t ship when it was supposed to… which is GREAT! You can tell that the animals safety is important to XYZ.
    Our Banana baby ball arrived and was packaged to stay warm. The snake is healthy and has already taken its first meal. He’s doing great! So happy with our little one!

  83. Mikay-kay (verified owner)

    I just received my male banana ball python and he is literally the sweetest thing! The colors are beautiful and he loves his terrarium. Not one thing wrong with him:)

  84. kentharpe12 (verified owner)

    Everything was awesome, he arrived on time and once I unboxed him he was ready to come out. I just love the fact that he acts like I have known him his whole life. Thanks much and I look forward to ordering with you again!!!

  85. justinocox (verified owner)

    Very happy with my banana ball python. Came very quickly and staff were very nice when I’ve called in. Will be ordering others from xyz.

  86. Caleb Evans

    This Banana is absolutely stunning. Customer service cannot be any better, he arrived earlier than scheduled. Healthy, bright, and alert. Thank you so much, will be doing business with XYZReptiles again shortly.

  87. Jessica Paige Gardiner (verified owner)

    My second but not last snake that I have gotten from XYZ. Beautiful Banana and his spots are already visually stunning. He is so happy and healthy. I can’t wait to order my next snake from XYZ!

  88. David (verified owner)

    Beautiful animal, absolutely stunning, very healthy. Shipping was great, and the service was top notch. Definitely will be ordering from XYZ again.

  89. Shawn Adam (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new banana ball python! Shipping was great, service was awesome and when I had questions very quick response time! Definetely will be ordering more snakes from xyz reptiles!

  90. James (verified owner)

    Beautiful snake. Couldn’t have asked for anything better! Looks healthy. He seemed kind of cold. Other than that, great packaging.

  91. kwhitley11261 (verified owner)

    Beautiful banana snake, and yes awesome packaging.

  92. Deanna Carver (verified owner)

    Very beautiful coloring! already showing black flecks. Great packaging

  93. GWENDOLYN (verified owner)

    Vary happy with my Banana it came on time and it was healthy and well packaged .

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