Baby Pied Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen/Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410122Categories:
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Each pied ball python for sale is a healthy and unique specimen. Pied ball pythons are an incredible looking genetic mutation of the Python regius. They feature varying degrees of color and patterns broken up by bright white segments. Our baby pied ball pythons for sale receive the best possible care by our adoring reptile staff. There are many ball pythons available on the market today but the pied is definitely a fan favorite due to their uniqueness. Note that the amount of white may vary from snake to snake.

45 reviews

  1. drewwmichaell (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy snake.

  2. milabey88 (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. She was packaged with great care and has been doing great. Beautiful snake!👍 Thank you 😊

  3. makayladavis296 (verified owner)

    Awesome pied ball python.

  4. kopesap000 (verified owner)

    I am beyond happy with my purchase. This was my first snake, and my first time purchasing an animal online. I was apprehensive but XYZ made the process very easy. I used the hold for pick up option as my delivery option and it worked out great. When I opened the box, I noted how well he was packaged. When I removed my male pied from his bag, he was absolutely beautiful! I noted he was cool to touch. He didn’t take long to warm up and start displaying curiosity. The only thing I would have done differently is wait to order when the weather is a bit warmer. Overall, he appeared to be in great health, and I look forward to the many years I get to spend with him!

  5. kahlus (verified owner)

    Absolutley beautiful male pied. I was a little worried having not ordered before and not being able to see the baby before arrival. But I had 2 pythons on my wish list with the pied being one, so I ordered. Email communication about the status and shipping was fantastic. I was given the option of shipping to the Fed Ex hub or my home, I chose my home. On the delivery day, I paced the floor until he arrived. When he arrived his packaging was perfect. He had a heatpack with him, and all around was Styrofoam to protect him . He had a little card telling me what he ate, when he ate, and when he hatched. When I opened his bag and saw him, omg, he was stunning. Tiny little thing that wrapped around my hand the first time I held him. He was super active and explored his new home after he was placed in it. He took his first feeding today like a champ. I have already put myself on the waiting list for my next dream python.

  6. kbagwell6 (verified owner)

    Fast and easy shipping! Beautiful snake!

  7. isellrvs (verified owner)

    XYZ sent me a very healthy pied female ball. Im very please with my purchase.

  8. nolanhudson1023 (verified owner)

    Ordered a beautiful pied female for my dads first snake. She got here quick, happy and healthy. I couldn’t be more pleased with XYZ!

  9. greeneyeddevil0177 (verified owner)

    XYZReptiles is the best! This is my 3rd ball morph. All are healthy and very friendly. XYZ is very quick with responses for any questions you have and very prompt to let you know about Shipping problems out of their control by mother nature! They always have the reptiles best interest and health at thought. They ensure you get your new baby healthy and happy. Thank you XYZ for all you do!

  10. williamsrn2012 (verified owner)

    I purchased a baby male pied ball python for my granddaughter for her 14th bday. He took about a week to become less shy. Before we could feed him, he was needing to shed. So I bathed him and he shed most of it. Enough to allow him to eat. I bought frozen mice and tongs and set out to feed him but the first time he was not interested or so I thought. I held it in the tongs and he checked it out and decided he didn’t care for what was on the menu that day. So I waited a week and tried again, again I held the mouse in the tongs and he again investigated, but didn’t seem to interested. So now I’m getting worried I keep checking and finally I just laid the mouse down and kept an eye on him and then it was gone the next time I checked. I don’t know if he will, get more aggressive with his food or if he will continue to be a polite lil gentleman. He is the sweetest lil snake ever and drop dead gorgeous. I am so happy with him and my granddaughter could not be more delighted. 💗 Thank you XYZReptiiles for the sweetees little man!

  11. Emma Brod (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful boy. He is mostly white with 3 small orange patches and a black spot. He was a little cold when he got here, but he warmed up quick and explored his enclosure. Definitely ordering from here again.

  12. kd.couper (verified owner)

    Morpheus showed up here in Washington warm and healthy. He is growing strong. Was 19 inches and has already grown to 22inches. He is on his 2nd shed and likes to eat in his tunnel hide. XYZ shipped us a great pied ball and just before Christmas at that. Thx XYZ!

  13. Ashley Garza (verified owner)

    Such a sweet girl! She has an awesome exploring personality! She was packaged with great care and has been doing great since. I wish she had a little more white to her but there is still a good amount. Overall I’m very happy and she will be loved!

  14. Veronica Marcengill (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful girl. So healthy and happy. I’m glad I decided to order from here. They are quick to contact and offer any suggestions they need to. I can’t wait to get my next noodle from here. Highly recommend.

  15. Aviva Goldsmith (verified owner)

    Snake came healthy and happy. Both heating pads were cold on arrival and the snake was a little cold at first but warmed up quickly and was exploring her enclosure within 30 minutes. Overall very happy she is a beautiful snake

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello and thank you for your review. We have to take all temperatures throughout the entire shipping chain into account when deciding on what to put in the box to keep the animal safe. It is much easier to hurt the animal due to overheating it.

  16. Marcus Hayes (verified owner)

    Beautiful guy, well packaged and on time delivery.

  17. Ethan Reasons (verified owner)

    I originally ordered a male by mistake so I asked if i could change the order to a female (which costs like $40-50 more than the male) and they sent me the female at no extra cost! Also this change was made last second right before being shipped out. I received my female pied the following day and she was in great condition and super healthy. I can’t recommend XYZ enough, they have great customer service and very healthy animals!

  18. markterrell65 (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Received package with my female pie ball python. Packaged very good. Very sweet looking snake. Put her in her enclosure and within 10 mins she was all over cage. Very friendly. Would buy from xyz again.

  19. Sarah Godby (verified owner)

    I love my gorgeous baby piebald ball python. He is very shy but super sweet after a few minutes of holding. He ate the very next day after he arrived on his scheduled feed day! He looks healthy and is very strong. Super happy with my pretty boy, will for sure order any and all snakes I want from here!

  20. Robert M Poirier (verified owner)

    I love the beautiful Piebald that I received. They’ve been very responsive to my questions and it was a great purchasing experience.

  21. simplysyran (verified owner)

    Excellent company. Our new scale baby showed up in great shape. She is gorgeous. I am a repeat customer and will remain one.

  22. Richard Harris (verified owner)

    Ordering from xyzreptiles was so convenient I will do it again any time and recommend it to anyone looking for their perfect pet. They sent me photos of my snake before overnight shipping it safely to me. The snake arrived healthy and happy and my kids love this beautiful snake. Thank you xyz for the fantastic pet and outstanding customer service.

  23. Roland Drounett (verified owner)

    I got my female in . Shipping was perfect. She settled in nicely an even ate her first meal within 3 days of getting her. Very tame and beautiful snake.

  24. Ashley Stetson (verified owner)

    My pied is so beautiful! ? Everything about her I love! She is high white, has a little bit of a temper but then again every normal pied I’ve ever had has been that way. Maybe it’s in the genes. Lol, hmmm anyways. I love this place! I’ve already bought 5 snakes! Can’t wait to get more. Thanks for holding such a high standard in business it’s so refreshing. ?

  25. James Schmidt (verified owner)

    My Female Pied came in 2 days ago and she is my dream snake….. she cake on time and very healthy…. she’s exploring and enjoying her new habitat.

  26. mark81anthony (verified owner)

    My pied ate a frozen mouse after 2 days in its new home. Today is its 2nd frozen a week later. No issues eating. He is snatching them faster than you can blink. Happy snake ? ♥

  27. mark81anthony (verified owner)

    Great looking pied, fast shipping! Amir has great customer service with his clients. Always helping over phone or text for any of my questions. I greatly appreciate that and definitely recommend XYZ. His new name is Blanco, being he is mostly white with head and spot on tail normal gene.

  28. conklin3940 (verified owner)

    He is absolutely gorgeous, nearly 50/50. He is a bit of a picky eater, but that’s ok. He had his first meal on Saturday. SUPER curious and loves to explore! Never buying from anyone else!

  29. abigail krogh (verified owner)

    This was my first snake and after a year of research I decided to purchase from xyzReptiles. I don’t regret it! My baby pied came on time and his coloring is beautiful. He’s very sweet and healthy! Definitely recommend.

  30. meaghanguydon (verified owner)

    We just received our pied baby boy and he is gorgeous! He is healthy and active and we can’t wait to watch him grow. Everyone at XYZ was super helpful in answering all of my questions and sending me pics of our baby ball before he was sent out. I’m so glad I found this site!

  31. joannes62

    Just received my one of a kind Pied Ball Python AP0006 and am blown away by how beautiful, fat and healthy he is. I am seriously in love! Five stars Plus!

  32. rionaud14 (verified owner)

    My baby Pied came two days ago Well packaged and healthy. He looks absolutely gorgeous. I will recommend xyz to anyone and i will definitely become a return customer.

  33. Elshawn Childs (verified owner)

    The passion for reptiles came back to my senses, I use to own a jungle carpet, boa, regular, and Burmese python then I ended up giving them away.. but watching youtube videos an going to all the reptile stores I decided to get back into the hobby an harder then ever. so I got a banana ball then decided to check out xyz an couldn’t be more happy after it was really hard to get a female pied but I got 1 an she is a gorgeous curious little monkey (brian barczyk voice).. waiting on the most stunning bumble bee I ordered now best place ever!!!

  34. Sabrina Martin (verified owner)

    Thank you so so much, I absolutely love him. He is so beautiful and his colors are very vibrant. I think I made the right choice. Will be buying again in the future.

  35. Michael Baez (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with my little male pied, his colors are just immaculate and he’s is super docile. I shared my unboxing experience in the Dm of xyzreptiles Instagram page! I would recommend xyz to anyone and I will 100% be purchasing more!! SUPER HAPPY CUSTOMER AND PROUD OWNER OF A PIED BALL❤️❤️

  36. Bryanna Martinez

    I received my male baby pied last week and he arrived safe, healthy, and absolutely gorgeous! He was a little shy at first, but warmed up quickly. Extremely pleased with my order and new baby pied! 10 out of 10 for sure! 🙂

  37. Sonia Benítez (verified owner)

    my piedbald python is already at home !!! I just love ??? maybe she just has a 20% white but I have to say she’s beautiful ❤️❤️ looks very healthy and cute and right now she’s a little shy, but I guess it’s because of the trip, I love it !!!

  38. Kathryn Howard (verified owner)

    He is absolutely beautiful and healthy!!

  39. jessicabirdayy (verified owner)

    My snake arrived healthy & happy. His colors are absolutely beautiful. He switched from live hoppers to frozen/thawed as soon as it was offered. Great service and arrived on time. I’m very happy with my new reptile!

  40. janson06

    My baby pied arrived safe, sound, and perfectly healthy. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Ordered from XYZ based off reviews I had read elsewhere, and am very glad I did.

  41. Lynn (verified owner)

    So happy with my baby pied ball python. She is absolutely gorgeous! Arrived nice and warm with a heat pack, and she is healthy. Also, she was shipped out the same day I ordered. Super fast!

  42. Bob (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the snake I received. Very healthy , well packaged. Fantastic experience. Will no longer buy from anyone else. Plan on adding to my collection and xyz reptiles will be my provider. Thanks again. ???

  43. lsylvia (verified owner)

    Our baby pied arrived on time, healthy and is so beautiful! Customer service at xyzreptiles has been amazing!!!

  44. andytorres81 (verified owner)

    Bought my fist baby pied and he’s awesome! looks perfect and is healthy as can be!! Will be getting my second soon.

  45. Joe Howell (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy, beautiful, and just as advertised!

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