Frozen Mice

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Frozen mice are a great way to provide your reptiles with a healthy meal. We offer these frozen feeders in a variety of sizes and counts ranging  from pinkies to large adults.  Our frozen feeder mice are an excellent meal source for various reptile species. If your pets require a different type of food you may want to check out our frozen rats as well.

SizeApprox. WeightSuggested Use
Pinkies1-3 gramsBaby: cornsnakes, hognose, kingsnakes, sand boas
Fuzzies4-7 gramsJuvenile: cornsnakes, hognose, kingsnakes, sand boas
Small/Hoppers7-12 gramsBaby: boas, ball pythons. Yearling: cornsnakes, hognose, kingsnakes, sand boas
Medium13-18 gramsJuvenile: boas, ball pythons. Sub adult: cornsnakes, hognose, kingsnakes, sand boas
Large18-24 gramsSub adult: boas, ball pythons. Adult: cornsnakes, hognose, kingsnakes, sand boas

Frozen Feeder Mice For Sale

Feeding frozen feeder mice to your reptiles is a beneficial and humane way to raise your special exotic pet. For example you can start almost any baby corn snake or king snake on a frozen pinky mouse. After that you can easily switch the frozen feeder size up as your snake grows.

As an example the same baby corn snake will be eating frozen fuzzy mice and then frozen hopper/small mice and so on and so forth.

As a result your pet will always have access to the right food size and food amount once you start using them as your primary food source. Most importantly you will never have to deal with the issues that arise from feeding reptiles live rodents.

In addition you will be saving time and money by having your frozen rodents delivered right to your door and cutting out all of the hassle of traffic and parking.

To sum up using frozen mice for snakes and lizards is a simple and clean solution to one of the harder aspects of owning reptiles as pets. Simply look through our frozen rodents section for a large variety of sizes and counts to meet your pets dietary needs. Most importantly, remember that if the pet you are raising outgrows its’ current size meal we offer frozen rats as well.

3 reviews

  1. David Sheridan (verified owner)

    Came Uber frozen, even after being in the Florida heat in the delivery truck. My mice were packed perfectly and I love the resealable pouch. Great quay product.

  2. Stephanie Nicole (verified owner)

    Perfect size and packaged great!

  3. aliciabrower1995 (verified owner)

    I love how it comes in the reseal package. I haven’t used any yet. I will this Friday and I’m sure it is all I need. It came in a styrofoam package with dry ice and it was so frozen. I will be buying these again.

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