Baby Pastel Puma Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410280Categories:
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Each pastel puma ball python for sale is an incredible looking animal. Our baby pastel puma ball pythons for sale are a blend of multiple genetic traits. This colorful combo is a visual cross between the pastel gene, yellowbelly gene and spark gene. We alternate them weekly between live and frozen/thawed medium mice to ensure they will eat either. You may also want to check out some of our other yellowbelly combos.

Pastel Puma Ball Python Care

Baby ball python care is fairly simple. Start with a properly sized setup which is normally a ten to fifteen gallon terrarium. You can increase the terrarium size as the baby snake matures. You will need to feed them medium to adult sized mice that are frozen-thawed. Providing a hide spot and water bowl as well as bedding and heat is essential. Finally a climbing area for exercise and some vines for added color will finish out the proper ball python setup.

2 reviews

  1. wvmy2boys (verified owner)

    Amazing experience from ordering right through delivery. Will definitely use them again in the future!

  2. jayk.m.jelinek (verified owner)

    Perfect packaging. Called and got to pick which one I want. The fat one! She’s absolutely beautiful! Very very non social, every time I get her out she’s just in a ball. But she’s been feeding just fine. Love the girl, hopefully she gets more social.

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