Baby Pastel Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Sex: Unsexed Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen/Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410209Categories:
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Each pastel ball python for sale is feeding regularly and is healthy. The pastel ball python is one of the original ball python morphs. Our baby pastel ball pythons for sale make great pets for enthusiast of all ages.

134 reviews

  1. brooklynrenee2005 (verified owner)

    Super cute and it came on time 10/10.

  2. jlpalmer (verified owner)

    My new pastel girl is perfect! Best shop around. Perfect package, perfect animal and amazing service.

  3. Lance Lacy (verified owner)

    Excellent service; they reached out to me when the address wasn’t recognized and helped me out to get my snake delivered. I will definitely buy more on the future.

  4. (verified owner)

    Excellent service!

  5. mdeese1218 (verified owner)

    The baby pastel that I bought seems to be very friendly and easy to hold. In fact, he loves to being held as far as I can tell. I’m still trying to get him to eat, but I’ve only had him for a days now. Besides that he looks like he’s going to make a great pet. I’m happy to have him!

  6. jfoxhf77 (verified owner)

    I really love reptiles. I’ve got two ball pythons form this company and plan to get more animals in the future. All the pets I’ve gotten so far have been great and healthy.

  7. roytorres84 (verified owner)

    Really gorgeous ball python. She’s very alert and easy to handle. She’s such a sweetheart. Will be purchasing more from xyz in the future.

  8. copeman17 (verified owner)

    Got her on Thursday and she’s pretty chill. She loves to be held. Waiting to get her fed, as she didn’t want anything on Friday. Other than that she’s pretty healthy, and I will be buying from XYZ reptiles from her on out. Thank you

  9. Deena Hess (verified owner)

    We received our new friend, James, quickly and in great health. He’s a lively and curious snake. He is easy to handle and my son absolutely loves him. Thank you so much for a great 1st snake!

  10. DonJuan Hipolito (verified owner)

    I received my baby female pastel ball python and she was in great shape and arrived safely. Even though the FedEx people didn’t knock on our door when they left her. My other concern was when is her yellow going to pop more like in the picture?? Other than that I am very satisfied and will be ordering from XYZReptiles again.

  11. Benjamin Black (verified owner)

    I received my female pastel ball python, Bee very quickly. She was in amazing condition and alert. We will definitely be ordering from XYZReptiles again!

  12. joshuakelch1 (verified owner)

    I got my pastel ball python it was a very positive experience all the way through the shipping process. When I got her home she was beautiful and our family loved to see her. She was happy to explore her enclosure and has been an amazing addition to our family. I will be using xyzreptiles in the future and I am just so impressed with the service and with her!

  13. landennichoson (verified owner)

    Just ordered a beautiful pastel ball python. She was a tad bit shy but had no problem coming out and exploring her enclosure. She did pee in the box and that did stink but it was what I signed up for and I am happy. XYZ reptiles is a great place to buy reptiles and I will definitely buy from them again. Thank you so much

  14. G JustGeorge Straughter (verified owner)

    Arrived alive and on time. She is beautiful and the whole family is in love.

  15. Logan Hudgel (verified owner)

    She is beautiful!

  16. messihepler05 (verified owner)

    The packaging was awesome and he even had a temporary heating pad! He was very calm coming out of the packaging and started exploring right away once in his tank. Shipping was excellent and well worth it. XYZ is an perfect source for the reptile community.

  17. melalexeren (verified owner)

    He arrived safe and healthy, TBH that’s really what matters. I feel like he is used to being held and touched. Very inquisitive, likes to peek out of his cave when coming in after work. He just sits and watches until I open the top. Then when he’s ready he will start to come out of his house. Very chill and relaxed vibe. I got him for our daughter’s first snake so she’s still learning but I’m there to fill in the gaps.

  18. Lori Yeagley (verified owner)

    This company is excellent. The snake was beautiful and came with last feeding and birthday dates. The delivery process was stress free and they have great customer service. I would highly recommend them!

  19. colerobert2003 (verified owner)

    Snake arrived happy and I like how they tell us how to take care of it. It arrived fast so overall great service and the communication was great.

  20. dangmedcalf (verified owner)

    Our snake arrived healthy and happy! I appreciate the card that tells us what the snake was being fed, super helpful to know what they were eating. Thank you so much our snake is doing so well!

  21. woodlandswaterworksinc (verified owner)

    My kids and I are so happy we have shay the snake in our home! She is so loving, funny and we absolutely adore her. She is perfect and was born on my oldest son’s birthday.

  22. jennyleedalton (verified owner)

    My sweet girl! I’m absolutely obsessed with her. She arrived happy and beautifully healthy. I’ll be buying from you again for sure! She’s perfect.

  23. captainnova201977 (verified owner)

    I love the little guy. I will be buying from you guys again. He is awesome!

  24. lakota4829 (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with my pastel baby. She is gorgeous and bigger than expected. Very healthy, love her thank you.

  25. Alyssa Cuvelier (verified owner)

    Love my new boop noodle! Love the personal touches to the paperwork that came with him too! seems like they care very much for their snakes as individuals and I love that so much!

  26. brittany kennedy (verified owner)

    Beautiful snake! Arrived in a timely fashion and the snake is very clam and lovable.

  27. hunter young (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful snake! Very well mannered and love the personal touches with the instruction cards. Can’t wait to order our next one!

  28. Alaura Cross (verified owner)

    She arrived in amazing condition. She’s beautiful and has a wonderful temperament and she’s oh so curious. I’m so thrilled to have her here and can’t wait to order my next one!!!

  29. Stanle Hampton (verified owner)

    This is the best pastel ball python I’ve ever seen. Came healthy and is eating well!

  30. neeneedean16 (verified owner)

    My beautiful baby girl just came home from overnight shipping and she is amazing. I will be coming back to shop at xyzreptiles!

  31. Moises Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Beautiful color, healthy and fast delivery to.

  32. Ezequiel Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Got my baby pastel healthy, and a gorgeous snake it will be as an adult. For sure I will be buying more from you XYZReptiles, thank you!

  33. Susan Smith (verified owner)

    She arrived healthy and beautiful! She is getting used to her new habitat very quickly. Love her

  34. matthewjones55555

    Got my baby pastel ball python yesterday. She is so beautiful and healthy. This is my first snake and I know I can trust this website.

  35. Mike Simmons (verified owner)

    I got our girl in the mail today.. along with the habitat. Everything was as advertised, and was here in three days. Couldn’t be happier!

  36. Dylan Hergenroeder (verified owner)

    Make sure to be around on Wednesday as that is when any snake that is ordered from here will arrive. Also make sure you have everything set up prior to the snake arriving as snakes cannot survive under poor conditions. If you aren’t familiar with fed ex their are two types of shipping vehicles, ground and express. This comes from express and it confused me when the ground truck passed my house. So don’t get scared if that happens to you too (express trucks usually show up after ground).

    The shipping parcel was well put together and very safe for the snake to travel in. She arrived beautiful and healthy. I could tell she was well taken care of and is very friendly when handling. Care instructions were included and very detailed. Price was good and shipping was on time. I would definitely order a snake from here again!

  37. James Rossetto (verified owner)

    I recieved my beautiful baby Pastel in less than 24 hours. She is lively and has a very calm temperament. XYZ is awesome!

  38. Darren Serrato

    Baby Medusa arrived on Wednesday. She’s amazing! A lil shy but friendly and you can handle her without any issues.

  39. Elvin Reyes III (verified owner)

    Omg my baby pastel ball python ? is gorgeous ?

  40. Kathleen Hayes (verified owner)

    Omg this baby is truly the most beautiful and docile snake ever. Planning on getting another in the springtime. Thanks for selling these awesome animals.

  41. Dylan Mccully (verified owner)

    My baby pastel ball python came in right on time with great communication! She is absolutely perfect and healthy! And of corse so beautiful. Her name is Annabelle. I will definitely be using xyz reptiles to be get my animals from now on. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Next up a baby tortoise, lol thanks guys so much!!!!

  42. Claysan Cabatbat (verified owner)

    Neat and on time with Great Communication. Female pastel came in beautiful. Already snatched a medium live mouse. I will be purchasing again and gain. Thank You

  43. amywoodard2009 (verified owner)

    My pastel bp arrived today! Beautiful, appears healthy ♡

  44. Michael Hogencamp

    I got a couple ball pythons from this site. All arrived quickly and healthy. Wonderful job on the breeding I will order more.

  45. Khabir Hughes

    Received my Mojave ball python exactly on time and in perfect healthy condition. I love her, thanks !

  46. marshdavid1990 (verified owner)

    I love my new bp!!!!

  47. Haley Schmidt (verified owner)

    She looks healthy and is very curious! She’s feisty but I like the energy

  48. Aaron Hernandez (verified owner)

    Beautiful and fast service. I will be ordering from them again. Could do a little better on the stickers ? but over all amazing!

  49. Chad Copeland (verified owner)

    What a happy little man you sent! Very fast, great correspondence, and so loving, straight out of the box! 10/10 will be back!

  50. rumblincat (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly from south Florida to upstate NY in about 8 hours. After about a week of refusing food, he’s eating both live and thawed frozen mice. Even with the $50 shipping cost, the total cost of this XYZ baby pastel ball python is $100 less than a local snake breeder.

  51. keithweaver2012 (verified owner)

    Just received my baby Pastel ball. Shipping came intact. He is healthy and docile. Now time to find a name. I’ll be ordering from these guys again. Thanks XYZreptiles

  52. Miguel Hernandez Huerta (verified owner)

    Another one!! Exotic # 6 from XYZ. Arrived well and very calm. Looking forward to getting more.

  53. Dustin Davis (verified owner)

    My name is Dustin, I bought this little guy from XYZ reptiles. He is very healthy and a little bit shy the very first day. Today which is the second day he is super super docile and not that skittish anymore. Believe it or not you can almost touch the back of his head without him being head shy. From what I have heard ball pythons are super super head shy. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. The snake I got is an egg rate investment as a family member. I love this little dude already and so does the fiance. So thank you so much xyzreptiles. I will be doing business with you in the near future.

  54. Diane Marquette (verified owner)

    Excellent service and knowledge. Fast shipping very beautiful baby!

  55. Bradley Griffin (verified owner)

    Awesome snake, I love my new addition to my family!

  56. Melissa Draper (verified owner)

    He is very healthy and beautiful. Thank you!! 🙂

  57. VictoriaRose Handel (verified owner)

    My baby pastel arrived promptly, the customer service was amazing and so cooperative with the order. She had way more coloring than expected which is stunning. She was exploring her enclosure right away and came out again that night. So far she has been very sweet and we will be ordering from xyzreptiles again 100%.

  58. kimberly Klein (verified owner)

    Cute little guy. Came next day, earlier than expected. Very active and curious.

  59. William Mussehl (verified owner)


  60. William Mussehl (verified owner)

    Amazing online shopping experience! My ball python is perfect.!!

  61. Ray Cooper (verified owner)

    Got my pastel male in the mail. The was packaging was good and he was nice and cozy in his box. He arrived healthy. The only down side was that his color wasn’t bright. It looked a little faded but other then that great service. I will recommend xzy to my friends.

  62. josuelima12435 (verified owner)

    Amazing service, came in super heathy and curious. Packaging was good, heat pad still warm and snake warm to. I recommend XYZreptiles to anyone!

  63. josuelima12435 (verified owner)

    Just got my male pastel today and he’s beautiful. The packaging was good. He came warm, and he’s so nice. Right now he is searching his new tank. I will definitely buy from xyzreptiles again 🙂

  64. Zac Snyder (verified owner)

    Very good packaging and my snake had come in perfect condition and looks so amazing!! Very trustworthy people here at xyz!!!!!

  65. Keisha Jones (verified owner)

    I am happy with my purchase he arrived alive and alert. The one thing that was concerning to me is that he was a tad to thin for my liking his spine was pretty pronounced. Since this is my first experience with ordering online I do not know if this is normal or not. However I am aware that you would want to hold back a feeding prior to shipping. He is beautiful and has already eaten so I do not expect it to be too much of a problem.

  66. Richard Poneleit (verified owner)

    I am very happy; I love my new baby. I will order again, very good CO.

  67. Nicolaus Davis (verified owner)

    Very beautiful baby female Pastel Ball Python! Arrived in healthy condition and shipping was very fast! Arrived with info of birthdate and everything! Very trustworthy company with beautiful and healthy animals! Will definitely be ordering from XYZReptiles again!

  68. Lindsey Woolsey (verified owner)

    So happy with her! She is beautiful! She is actually the second one I have ordered from here in less than a month. Both were on time as well as safe and sound. And my husband is trying to keep my debit card away from me to keep me from making a third purchase at the moment LOL. They are really nice people and I trust them with my orders and making sure they are as safe as possible for their trip from there to my home.

  69. Jeffery Harden (verified owner)

    Very beautiful and came on time. I got her on a Thursday and was told they eat on Fridays; next day comes along she had no problem eating. Me and the wife are talking about getting another one soon.

  70. Jack Waller (verified owner)

    My female pastel showed up on time and still warm. She is beautiful and very mild tempered. I will definitely be ordering from XYZ again in the future.

  71. Chris Sheffield (verified owner)

    Fast shipping as always. Customer service is excellent. This is the second snake I’ve ordered here. And they are always willing to go the extra mile to give their customers exactly what they want. I asked for docile and great markings. Came out of the bag very docile and so brightly marked it’s almost a super pastel. Only place I’ll send business and shop myself.

  72. frizzelina (verified owner)

    She was ready to play with me when she came out of the bag. She is very beautiful. She shed her skin after I had her for about a week and became even more beautiful. No trouble with eating. She’s wonderful and I love her. I will definitely shop here again once I’m ready to take care of her future mate.

  73. dbananas92 (verified owner)

    My female baby Pastel Ball Python is beautiful and a little bigger than I thought. No issues at all and I like that there’s a little card that gives you the date she was born and an explanation on what she’s feeding on now and the day. I plan on ordering again wants I get my other enclosure built.

  74. hughmulder (verified owner)

    This was the first time I had ordered from XYZreptiles, and I would definitely recommend them. My baby, female pastel ball python has beautiful colors and is very healthy. The only small issue was that she arrived a little cold, but they did include a heat pack and it was still warm when she arrived.

  75. btowarnick (verified owner)

    Update to My Review October 26th.
    My Pastel Male is doing Fantastic!
    Has ate F/T mice since I Received! Left Him alone for 7 days other than Tub Maintenance!
    Went from Hoppers to Small Mice 2 weeks ago!
    Weight Has increased from 110 grams to 142 grams Today!
    In Shed Now!
    Has Been Very Easy and Friendly to handle!
    Just received My 2nd Ball Python from XyzReptiles yesterday!
    This time a Male Lesser!!
    Will do Separate review on Him!
    Very Pleased with My Pastel Male Baby from XyzReptiles!!!!!

  76. btowarnick (verified owner)

    Received My Beautiful Pastel Ball Python just a few days ago! Came Very Quick and Delivered by Fed Ex early morning!
    Package was secure and packed nicely!
    That said It was very cold to touch and a little stressed! Put in enclosure and went inside Warm Side Hide and has been in it since! I am only checking it once a day and seems to be adapting? Haven’t tried to feed yet but doing that Monday. I Think will be fine and will update this review soon!
    My only concern was how cold to touch it was although a small Heat Pack was in packaging.

  77. jonlangfitt (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my female pastel I purchased here recently. Her name is Noodles and we love her, she’s a bit shy, but very gentle and deliberate with her movements and a sweet snake who handles perfectly, will purchase from here again!

  78. Beastgoddess (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these little guys for my niece for her birthday, it is her first snake. He came in nice and healthy. also he’s a very gentle, sweet little fellow. We are very happy with him!! Thank you guys so much!!

  79. Mario Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is the first purchase I have made from XYZ and I’m glad I purchased through them. It was a great and easy experience. My snake got here the next morning, right on time. They are very helpful and responded to my question in a timely manner. I purchased a female baby Pastel Ball Python. She is beautiful and a good eater! A very satisfied customer, 10/10 would do it again.

  80. Elijah Panzera (verified owner)

    The Python is perfect and had no problem moving over to frozen, it only took like 10 seconds for her to grab it and take it down. Very friendly and has never tried to bite me. Shipment came exactly on time.

  81. Donna James (verified owner)

    Received my pair of pastel ball pythons yesterday. Less than 20 hours from shipping at my door. Beautiful snakes! Healthy and very sociable. I would definitely buy from xyz again!

  82. darryle Henley (verified owner)

    First time ordering from XYZ the experience great and easy. Love my new addition to my family. Beautiful colors and markings. Would definitely order from them again.

  83. Timothy Madsen (verified owner)

    I’ve had my beautiful Pastel Ball Python for about 9 months now. He just turned 1 the other day actually! He got to me and was healthy, warm, and seemed to be quite happy. I have had such a great experience with this company, that I now am eagerly waiting for a Blue Eyed Leucistic to be made available! I can’t wait to buy from this company again! Thank you so much for great service and my first AMAZING snake!

  84. James Scott (verified owner)

    Awesome snake! Very active, very alert, and very beautiful. It was packed well and safely for the delivery. I look forward to many years with this male pastel.

  85. Joselyn Ammon (verified owner)

    Just got my little guy and his beautiful and perfect….. great temper… and I had trouble ordering him but the staff is awesome and helped me out very friendly… I would order from them again

  86. Michael Murphy (verified owner)

    Great looking pastel. Not shy when arrived at all. very curious when exploring all the time. daughter loves both pythons. thanks. A+++

  87. Justin Murray (verified owner)

    I have never ordered a reptile online and I was very nervous. I called this company and they explained their process. Not only do they wait for better weather (and they had to wait a month because of snow), but they send snakes that are established feeders. My pastel arrived safe and sound and is beautiful. You may hear negative reviews about breeders that ship online, but they don’t apply to these guys they are awesome!

  88. scott caley (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about ordering a snake online and having it shipped to me. I called on Sunday and spoke with the person regarding what I wanted and how I was unsure about ordering online to have a snake shipped to me.

    The person I spoke with assured me that I have nothing to worry about that its a common issue alot of people face. I decided to give them a shot.

    On Sunday I ordered a Male Pastel Ball Python and a female Pinstripe Ball Python and was told that my order would be shipped out on Monday and I would get them on Tuesday. About 9:30 Tuesday morning Fed Ex showed up with my delivery.

    Both snakes are alive and doing good. They are full of energy climbing all over everything in there tank and each other.They both look very healthy and well taken care of.

    I am going to be in the future ordering more snakes and I will more than likely get them from xyzReptiles as long as they have what I am looking tor.

    They are a snake business that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to either go to to get their snake or have them shipped to them.

  89. Owen Skinner (verified owner)

    It’s been a couple days since my beautiful baby pastel came in. She’s absolutely beautiful and she’s taking to her enclosure very nicely. Her colors are just so amazing and her pattern is outstanding. Xyzreptiles is the only place I’m getting my reptiles from now on and will definitely refer to my friends.

  90. george ingalls (verified owner)

    Beautiful pair of pastels, 1 male & a female. Quick shipping, they were in great shape & I’ll likely be purchasing again, Thanks!

  91. Tomas Latapie (verified owner)

    I love my baby pastel. She arrived on time and she’s nice and healthy. When she arrived I was a little annoyed that there was no heating pad but other than that I am very satisfied. I will be buying from XYZ again

  92. Jonathan Beasley (verified owner)

    My little girl pastel showed up on time and very much alive and well. she’s quite a lovely one to look at with alot of personality too! I would definitely recommend xyz reptiles to a friend and will for sure do business with them again!

  93. Jenna Hogan (verified owner)

    Got my beautiful pastel baby today and couldn’t be happier! Really loved the extra touch of the information card telling me when she was born and when/what she eats. Will 100% be ordering from XYZ again!

  94. Angel Silguero (verified owner)

    My baby male pastel came in early in perfect health he didnt strike at me nor my wife or my 2 year old daughter he is real beautiful and tame. I will definitely be ordering from here again real soon!

  95. Karen Carroll (verified owner)

    We received our pastel Jasper on time and in good health. Jasper was a little cold ,but very friendly. He adjusted to his enclosure quickly. XYZ did a great job and we will be purchasing again soon.

  96. Darvel Anderson (verified owner)

    My beautiful Pastel baby girl came in perfectly healthy and on time. Extremely pleased overall with the company and the snake. I will definitely add this company to my list of recommended breeders! Thank you so much!

  97. Emily Mccormick (verified owner)

    We received our baby pastel right on time and she was safe and secure in the package she arrived in, she was happy and alert and very friendly. It was my first time ordering a reptile online and I was very pleased with my service !

  98. Judi Patel (verified owner)

    Our baby Pastel came in alert, sweet, and curious. Alice is a wonderful addition to our crazy snake family.

  99. THOMAS HOLTZINGER (verified owner)

    Just got our baby pastel ball. She is beautiful! Very healthy and happy. The packaging was secure and warm. She was very alert and we couldn’t be happier with our new friend! This is our first experience buying a reptile online but we will definitely be back to xyzreptiles for more!

  100. Juan Rocha (verified owner)

    Amazing baby pastel arrived on time well packaged just love my new member to my family will be the only site i´ll purchase from

  101. Cassidy Lang (verified owner)

    Another great purchase! Beautiful! Thanks again!

  102. Kerstan Schneider (verified owner)

    This is the first snake I’ve ordered through XYZ and it was, an interesting experience. I’ve had my baby Pastel Ball Python for the 3rd day now and he’s been doing quite well, had a scare since he arrived a day late via FedEx, cold, with some of his feces on him and a bit stiff, but he came to life pretty quick with body heat followed by a heat lamp, XYZ had him packaged well enough he survived the extended journey.
    XYZ was great with keeping us posted and helping with FedEx as well as knowledgeable when asked different questions. They even called me an hour after ordering the baby Pastel online to let me know they wouldn’t be able to ship him for another week because it was too cold, which was fine and understandable and I’m grateful they let me know right away, or at all for that matter.
    My only complaint is FedEx, which here where I live they have a reputation of never getting a package delivered on time, no matter how much you pay in shipping(like $40 for example), sadly I have to admit that streak continued but that isn’t XYZ’s fault. But everyone I spoke to was nice and helpful and my baby Pastel arrived alive so I’m certainly thankful for that. Thank you XYZ for taking care of us, and thank you Mr. Alex of XYZ for answering all my questions as well.

  103. imapwerrngr (verified owner)

    Great shipping. Came right on time. great customer service. Wonderful colors. Great gift for my brother

  104. Hunter Springsteen (verified owner)

    I love my new pastel she’s so cute I just wanna kiss her. She was a little cold when she got here but not to worry I got her wormed up.

  105. ivybbank (verified owner)

    I received my snake earlier than expected and he was so calm and relaxed right out of the packaging. I’ll definitely be ordering again

  106. lorquetk (verified owner)

    I brought a baby female pastel ball python off this site. The snake came alive and alert. Beautiful snake I love my new pet. It came exactly as they said it would. Great experience and def if anyone I know is looking for any reptile I’m gonna suggest they buy it off this site. Great job and thank you

  107. Adam Michael Bowman (verified owner)

    Love my snake. Should have went with a super pastel but this snake is so pretty. The colors are top notch compared to other pastels I have seen. Hopefully she will keep some of them as she ages. Very helpful staff.

  108. Andrew Kerchner (verified owner)

    So, overall great service answered any questions i had and did it in a reasonable amount of time. The baby came early and it is very pretty. Ive had it for 2 days so far and so not much interaction as of yet. Very healthy. Reason for only 4 stars is because, though i am aware that florida is warm where i live it was pretty chilly and there wasnt a heat pad for the snake. So that was the only flaw i saw. I cant wait to see how the baby turns out and i will definitely be ordering from here again!

    • xyzReptiles

      Hello Andrew and thank you for your positive review. We would like to respond to a comment that you made and that is about the heat pack. It is much easier to cause harm to a reptile during shipping by overheating it than by chilling it. Reptiles can tolerate temperatures close to freezing for a short amount of time with no side effects but will easily succumb to over heating in a short period of time. Animals that are shipped all over the United States start in Miami where we are located and travel through Memphis overnight before they reach their destinations. When shipping an animal we have to consider peak temperatures in all three locations and make a decision based on that and not the over night low at the final destination.

  109. Tobrina Jackson (verified owner)

    My snake came alive and well. She’s really shy and pulls her head back a lot but I’m sure that she’ll mellow out in a little bit. I’m only giving this review a 4 star because I asked them a question on Facebook when I got my snake and never got a response. That was 2 days ago. But the service here is good, my snake is perfect and I love her to death.

  110. Josh Snow (verified owner)

    Very healthy and happy little guy.

  111. Roy Hurtjr

    my son and my baby pastel came early the next morn in great shape very healthy calm and tame we had her out same evening she seems to love being held not hardly as spookish as our grown clown python but i loved ordering from xyz and will b again very soon

  112. saraheverslove (verified owner)

    he came perfectly healthy ive had him for a few weeks now and he loves to be held he arrive early he has yet to eat but we are working on it

  113. Swomp65 (verified owner)

    I got her friday. Unboxed her for my daughter & she was very happy. The baby pastel was very healthy & extremely tame. Love how the animal came with the card explaining birth date, what it eats & everything. I fed her a mouse today, she accepted it quickly. Great feeder! Will definitely buy from xyz reptiles again.

  114. Caden Kempe (verified owner)

    I added a review yesterday of this snake, however, she hadn’t shown up yet, and I was ranting on fedex. Well my baby Lagatha just showed up, one day late, but that wasnt XYZ’s fault. Her heat pack was still warm. She is very healthy, if a little upset over the long delivery, and extremely beautiful. I’ll be giving fedex another opportunity to get a shipment right when I order my Mojave and pinstripe. At least the Mojave will come from XYZ.

  115. emike4200 (verified owner)

    Wanted to thank xyz reptiles for the amazing customer service. I ordered a pastel and he is simply amazing. Super healthy and shipping was spot on. Will definetly be ordering again.

  116. chad larson (verified owner)

    Awesome product and shipping to keep reptiles safe and warm.

  117. Mckenna Ortega (verified owner)

    Just got my baby pastel. He arrived in very good condition and the shiping was really fast. He’s got some great coloring and looks to be very healthy! Thank you for an amazing snake.

  118. theresathorakos (verified owner)

    I Highly recommend XYZReptiles. I ordered a Beautiful Pastel Ball Python (last month in May 2017). I was even able to pick the sex of the snake which is rare as well as most pet stores do not know the sex when u buy them from there nor the birthdate which I also received along with what day she eats and what size mouse.The price was very good as well as the snake. It arrived healthy and very friendly.This company puts a lot into their reptiles and I hope to order again in future.

  119. Matthew Roberts (verified owner)

    My baby girl arrived right on time and is beautiful! This is my first pet reptile and I am very excited 😀 Tasha is adjusting well to her new home and seems quite happy

  120. Heather (verified owner)

    Very pleased! Fast response and shipment! I got my snake healthy and beautiful! Definitely plan on ordering more for you all! Thank you so much!

  121. jdmover1320 (verified owner)

    I love my snake . He is very nice

  122. Micah (verified owner)

    He came in 40 minutes early and I am very pleased with the purchase. He looks very healthy and has a ? pattern. Once you see your animal you can tell XYZ cares about the reptiles they sell. Will be buying from you guys again. Thank You?

  123. scorona2424 (verified owner)

    First time ordering and they delivered as promised, i got my pastel shipped to Chicago in January healthy and happy. they did great work finding a window to ship my snake to a city with cold weather. Great coloration and overall a very beautiful pastel python. I will order again, as soon as I buy more enclosures for them. XYZ came through for me and I am grateful they have so much attention to detail when shipping our bundles of joy.

  124. Eugene (verified owner)

    The package came right on time. The pastel ball python was in beautiful condition, and the packaging was great with the heat pack. Great company to do business with. I would highly recommend them.

  125. Stanley Hargrove

    I had my uncle purchase my boy pastel off here yesterday and I received him this morning at around 9:40 and he is gorgeous he is so sweet and nosey lol I love him and will be buying from here again soon great animal for a great deal thank you.

  126. Richard (verified owner)

    The Baby Girl arrived right on time and she is so beautiful and loves her new home, very happy with the whole purchase experience no muss no fuss all good, thank you. Her name is Sofia.

  127. Jordan Dion (verified owner)

    Wow is he beautiful, we received our healthy baby pastel extremely quick . He is so tame. We named him Bruin after the Boston Bruins due to the bright yellows and deep blacks in him. couldn’t be happier, 120% will be back again soon 🙂 thanks XYZ

  128. Andrew Tubiello

    So happy with my baby female pastel. She arrived safely packaged and with a small heating pouch to keep her warm on her trip from florida to vermont. Shes very friendly and loves people. Will certainly order from XYZ again as well as tell others to order from them.

  129. halley.sheera (verified owner)

    I love her she has such a personality! She was healthy and way more beautiful in person! Can’t wait to order again!

  130. Alexis (verified owner)

    I love her, she arrived early and is so gentle and friendly although she is an escape artist! Will order again!

  131. Sickboyjd (verified owner)

    XYZ reptiles came through for me and my wife once again. We received our gorgeous male pastel python yesterday. He arrived 15 mins early and was packed in nice and safe. Once he was unwrapped he began to explore . He went from me to my wife , we named him Tuukka after the goalie from the Boston Bruins NHL hockey team (My wife’s favorite player). The pastel python sports the Bruins yellow and black and a few hints of Brown. Tuukka spent a little time getting to know his hopefully one day girlfriend Michonne. Thank you so much for safely getting our new baby boy to us . Will recommend and will buy from XYZ reptiles

  132. Rebecca M Robinson (verified owner)

    I love my baby pastel! he arrived fast and in great condition and looks very healthy! I will be ordering my next snake form here

  133. Jared (verified owner)

    Love my Baby Pastel! He’s beautiful! Shipping was fast and he arrived in great condition. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I will definitely order from XYZReptiles again. Thank you

  134. James Nelson (verified owner)

    Excellent and beautiful pastel. I have ordered from here before and it has been a great experience. Will definitely order again.

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