Baby Snow Kenyan Sand Boa

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Species: Gongylophis colubrinus  Length: Approximately 8-10 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4306Categories:
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Every snow Kenyan sand boa for sale is feeding readily on pinky mice. They are given the best care possible by our loving staff.  Kenyan sand boas live in sand in the wild but other substrates can be used with them in captivity. These stunning babies will retain their white color as they mature.

We offer our beautiful baby snow Kenyan sand boas for sale with overnight shipping and live arrival guarantee!

2 reviews

  1. Allyssa Winn (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful little snake. I was so afraid that fedEx would bring her to the front office but she arrived at my doorstep. I’ve had her tank ready for weeks before getting her. She was healthy, reactive, and so sweet she melted my SO’s heart. Customer service was also nice when I called, they knew who I was and which snake I had ordered and were ready to give me any information I asked for. Such a smooth process. A++

  2. Thomas Ziffer (verified owner)

    We purchased our little girl on the Friday before hurricane Dorian and as Monday was Labor Day our first ship date was Tuesday after the holiday. We couldn’t wait to see her and she arrived first thing Wednesday morning. She was in great condition and so far it appears she has a great temperament. We couldn’t be happier with our Baby Snow.

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