Baby Striped Kenyan Sand Boa

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Species: Eryx colubrinus  Length: Approximately 8-10 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4313Categories:
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Every striped Kenyan sand boa for sale is fed both live and frozen-thawed pinkies to ensure that your new pet will accept either. The baby striped Kenyan sand boa is one of the basic dominate Kenyan sand boa morphs. Our baby striped Kenyan sand boas for sale are provided the best care possible by our loving staff. This ensures that you get a healthy pet snake to enjoy for years to come.

9 reviews

  1. Ayden Brink (verified owner)

    I ordered my sand boa after thoroughly researching everything I could. When it came down to it, xyzreptiles was just the best option. Through the processing and picking up of my order it was all super easy and very communicative.

  2. Jerome Robinson (verified owner)

    The baby boa arrived healthy and I am so happy. She is growing so fast in the short time I’ve had her.

  3. nfox0001 (verified owner)

    Our kenyan sand boa arrived very fast and healthy. We’ve had her for two weeks so far and she has fed well and is extremely calm and wonderful for handling. This is our first snake and we had such a great experience so far. Thank you!

  4. janusz.sullivan

    Just yesterday Diglet arrived around 11:30, He is super healthy and has a nice solid stripe!

  5. Sabrina Canaday (verified owner)

    My snake got here, in the middle of nowhere, literally over night. And he’s super healthy too! I’m really pleased and will definitely be ordering from here again!

  6. Jeremy Zbranek (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect, came packaged well, and exactly what we wanted.

  7. Michael Couch (verified owner)

    My Striped sand boa Arrived on time and very healthy. XYZ is always my go to place to order my new snakes, as they always show up in great packaging and very alert and healthy!

  8. Erin Gale-Pierce (verified owner)

    She arrived alive, healthy, and curious.

  9. kmcmillan89 (verified owner)

    She arrived 2 days ago and is beautiful. My boys love her and can’t wait to hold her and neither can I. Thank you for another beautiful a animal.

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