What Do Boas For Sale Eat?

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If you’re looking for snakes for sale as pets, you’re most likely doing as much research as you can. After all, you need to know what sort of pets snakes make to ensure you make the right choice. There are many snakes for sale that actually make great pets because they’re easy to care for and are unlike traditional pets. All they need are proper enclosures for their size, the right food and a few necessities to place in their enclosure.

The most common question when it comes to snakes for sale is what to feed them. Snakes normally eat rats or mice. Since pet snakes are carnivores, rats and mice are a balanced meal for them. However, there are some species that might also eat things like young rabbits, gerbils, chickens and guinea pigs. Some vets also recommend that some snakes are given frogs, insects, earthworms, eggs and other reptiles, too but not necessarily for the snakes commonly sold as pets.

Do Boa Constrictors For Sale Need Live Food?

If you’re particularly interested in boa constrictors for sale, you might wonder if they need live food. Feeding boa constrictors live rats and mice might be a bit hard to handle for some. If that’s the case, you should feed your boa pre-killed prey. If you feed your boa live prey, your snake might not eat it right away. When this happens, the prey can bite or gnaw at the snake as a way to protect itself. Look for boa constrictors for sale that are proven feeders and are eating frozen-thawed rats or mice instead. You can buy both live prey and frozen-thawed at many online reptile stores as well as at local pet shops depending on your preference. Remember when shopping different boas for sale you will need to also take the species into consideration when it comes to food items.

How Much Food Should You Give Boas For Sale?

Now if you have decided you want to feed your boa frozen prey, it’s time to address how much you should feed it. The amount of food boas need will depend on their age, size and species. When feeding boas, make sure that the prey isn’t bigger than half the diameter of the boa to help with digestion. You can ask your vet or a pet store employee the exact amount of food for the types of  boas for sale you are shopping for will need. You should feed boas whole prey. Since a boa’s jaw isn’t fused together, you don’t have to cut the food into smaller pieces. This allows boa constrictors to swallow their prey whole.

Do Pet Snakes For Sale Need Water?

Pet snakes for sale do need water in their enclosures. They drink water, but not very often. A large, shallow bowl of water will suffice. Pet snakes for sale might even soak it in and maybe relieve themselves in the bowl as well. Plus as a bonus the evaporation from the water will add humidity to the enclosure.

3 Reasons to Love Our Snakes For Sale

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When you buy snakes for sale online, it can be hard to verify their condition and health. Of course, you want to make sure that your reptile of choice is going to be worth the purchase. That’s why so many reptile lovers trust xyzReptiles. Sure, you can choose from any other seller to buy snakes online, but why would you when there’s reputation and success on our side? Before you trust any other seller, here are three reasons to love our snakes for sale.

  1. We’re picky about who we work with.

We don’t just source our reptiles from anywhere. We make sure to work with the best breeders to bring you quality with every captive-bred reptile we offer. With an extensive network of professional and vetted breeders, we’re able to provide you with the best snakes for sale.

  1. We provide the best service and experience.

Our 25 years of industry knowledge and genuine love of reptiles gives us a uniques advantage. Instead of just listing animals as though they were product, we actually know the needs and challenges of each reptile we sell. We oversee every aspect from shipping, to husbandry and genetics. In the end, you’re getting snakes that meet the standard of true reptile lovers.

  1. Our wide selection means something for everyone.

From exotic breeds to your everyday snake, you’re bound to find a snake for sale that calls to you. You don’t have to be an expert handler to enjoy our snakes for sale, either. We offer snakes that are perfect for beginners, in some of the most diverse morphs available.

Pet Snakes For Sale at xyzReptiles

We’re serious about offering a variety of pet snakes for sale. That’s why we work hard to keep our stock as diverse as our buyers. These are just a few of the pet snakes for sale at xyzReptiles.

Ball Pythons. These are the quintessential beginners snake. Docile and extremely easy going, these snakes are perfect for getting familiar with snake handling. You can see all the stunning morphs we have in our online reptile store.

Other Pythons. Ball pythons aren’t the only type of python you can buy. We have other pythons, like the Woma Python, a mild-mannered and gentle snake that comes in beautiful patterns. The Aru Green Tree Python is another great option; however, you want to be a little more mindful when handling them.

Boas. Boas make for great reptile pets. These may require a little more experience with handling but nevertheless, make fascinating companions. With such a variety of boas, it’s silly to think they’re all the same. Research the needs of whichever breed you’re interested in to minimize any future surprises.

Corn Snakes. This common snake is fairly easy to keep which makes them great for beginners, but can still be fun for experienced handlers. Keep in mind that they can be defensive but it’s only due to their naturally nervous disposition. Fortunately, corn snakes don’t have the ability to harm you and can adjust quickly to proper handling.

And more! Yes, there are many more species of snakes for sale available at our online reptile shop. Start browsing now and get excited about your next reptile purchase with xyzReptiles!

Tips On Buying Snakes For Sale Online – The Smart Way

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If you’re looking for the best way to buy snakes for sale online, you’ve come to the right place! Not only is xyzReptiles the most trusted source for exotic snakes for sale, but with decades of experience in the reptile industry, we know a thing or two about what to look for, and how to choose the best snakes for sale in the store. Regardless of where you buy your snakes online, these tips will help you discover and choose the best snakes for sale to fit your lifestyle. Follow this process for the best experience as you buy snakes for sale online.

Before You Buy Snakes Online

When you want to buy snakes online, the most crucial step starts in front of your computer, tablet or phone. If you don’t know the type of snakes for sale you’re interested in, research a few things before you browse the different species and morphs. There’s a lot of information out there to help you sort through the different types of snakes for sale and their specific needs. To get an idea of what’s considered a safe pet, you can browse our selection of exotic snakes for sale to help you get started.

Once you know exactly which snake you want, the real fun begins! As with any pet, introducing a new animal to your home requires meticulous preparation. If this is your first time trying to buy snakes online, use the list below. You’ll find a few basic questions to keep you on track.

Important Questions About Snakes For Sale

  • What will it’s heating and lighting requirements be?
  • How big should it’s enclosure be and what should it be made out of?
  • Do you have enough space?
  • How often should it be handled?
  • Do you have any other pets?
  • Are you able to easily feed your pet snake?
  • Does your current lifestyles allow you to give your pet the attention it deserves?
  • How will it be shipped?
  • What size is the snake and how large will it grow?

The answer to these questions will vary depending on the type of snake you want to buy. One of the biggest mistakes novice snake owners make is thinking that one piece of information about a certain snake applies to all snakes. Err on the side of caution and learn as much as you can about the specific snake you want. Make yourself the expert so you can master the ownership of your pet snake.

With snakes for sale varying across multiple types of species and morphs, you won’t have to look anywhere else for the perfect snake for you. Follow these simple tips for a successful selection and a tranquil relationship between you and your snake.