Your Top Choice When It Comes To Snakes For Sale

July 24th, 2018 by

Looking to make the right choice when it comes to buying snakes for sales? Snakes are beautiful creatures despite how many people from around the world feel about them. They also make great pets for those looking to care for a non-traditional pet. When it comes to the type of snakes for sale to buy, one of your top choices should be boas for sale. Pet snakes for sale are quickly becoming a popular choice for many pet owners looking for something more exotic. That’s because pet snakes are relatively easy to care for, require minimal exercise, groom themselves, love to be handled and feel comfortable and safe in their enclosures. So when it comes to snakes for sale, consider a boa constrictors for your next pet.

What You Need To Know About Boas For Sale

If you’re looking for snakes for sale, you should consider xyzReptiles’ boas for sale. They are quite docile in temperament and love to be handled by their owners. Captive bred boas for sale from us are more healthy and docile than their wild counterparts.

Some boas do get quite large and live for about 25 to 30 years, so plan on your pet boa being around for a long time. There are several subspecies of the boa constrictor, but in general caring for boas is fairly simple. Our boas for sale are solitary snakes and make great pets!

If you get a baby boa, a glass aquarium will suffice. But if you opt for an adult boa for sale, you’ll need a larger custom enclosure. Boas in general are curious and will escape if given the chance, so make sure the enclosure is secure. The minimum enclosure size for a baby is a 10 gallon tank. You’ll also have to be able to have it at proper temperatures for the boa to be comfortable and healthy.

A Wide Variety Of Boa Constrictors For Sale

We have a wide selection of boa constrictors for sale! Our boa constrictors are healthy and will be delivered to you feeding already. We work with selected breeders to make sure that you get the best boa constrictors for sale no matter what boa species you choose. You can select from our nice selection from across the globe including Kenyan sand boas, Columbian red tails and Central American dwarf boas. You’ll also find that our boa constrictors for sale are competitively priced. When shopping boas for sale online make sure you buy your new pet snake from a reputable company! Read reviews, watch unboxing videos and check forums to see what type of experiences other customers have had with the company.

Some Of Best Ball Python Morphs To Own

July 20th, 2018 by

The different ball python morphs available are part of the novelty of owning a ball python. Owning a reptile altogether is pretty unique in itself. For those wanting to go the extra mile on exotic pets, nabbing one of the hundred of morphs (and counting) gives you major points.

What’s great about ball python morphs is that there are always new combinations emerging. So, if you don’t find one that piques your interest, you’ll be sure to find one if you keep on searching. The great thing about the ball python morphs is that, although there are endless combinations, much of their care is the same.

You still have to create a suitable habitat for it which consists of hideaways, thermal gradient, and the right amount of humidity to help your python shed properly. Although a ball python is easy to care for, it still takes some effort to maintain a sanitary environment. That means cleaning any waste it produces as soon as possible to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Speaking of waste, you’ll find that ball pythons have a particular eating cycle. It wont eat as often as other pets and requires much less handling and supervision overall. Feed adult pythons every week or two. Don’t be alarmed if it’s not eating during winter months or it’s shed cycle. Keep an eye on its weight and overall condition and monitor any drastic changes.

Unique Ball Pythons For Sale

As I mentioned before, ball pythons for sale come in many different morphs. At xyzReptiles, we carry a variety of morphs for you to enjoy. It can get overwhelming with so many options, so here are a few unique ball pythons for sale that we highly recommend.

Yellowbelly Ball Python: we proudly produced this morph back in 1999 and we’re are happy report that all of our Yellowbelly Ball Pythons are from the original male founder stock.

Banana Ball Python: Our healthy banana ball python morphs are exceptional in their mixture of color, including red, purple, and pink.

Spider Ball Python: The baby spider ball python is a black and gold colored python that makes a great pet and future breeder.

Albino Ball Python: The baby albino ball python is white with orange and yellow color and have great tempers for all experience levels.

Our ball pythons for sale are captive-bred and sold as hatchlings to give you the most time possible with your reptile. Find your new ball python and choose from the many morphs available in our store.

Are Exotic Snakes For Sale Easy To Care For?

June 6th, 2018 by

Exotic snakes for sale are relatively easy to care for. Many people expect an “exotic” pet to be delicate, sensitive to a particular diet, or in need of a special environment. Even though certain snakes for sale can be a little tougher to maintain, there are plenty that are handled easily by reptile lovers of all experience levels.

Exotic snakes for sale have been on the rise. With their popularity growing, access to different types of snakes have increased as well. This makes it easier to not only find a snake that you like, but also to find one that will fit with your lifestyle.

Why Ball Pythons Should Be Your Next Choice

Ball pythons have garnered a reputation for being extremely docile and calm. Their small size, weekly feedings, and ease of handling are just a few reasons why ball pythons should be your next choice. They’re especially perfect for beginners and people who need convincing that not all snakes are deadly predators. Captive-bred pythons make great pets with their easy-going nature but knowing a few tips can help you and your exotic pet snake adapt better.

Regardless of how well-behaved a snake is, it’s important to know when to handle it. Keep in mind that snakes are not like dogs or cats. They don’t like to always  be held. Also, it is a good idea to get your ball python to eat at least once before attempting any extensive handling. You don’t want to handle it right after it’s eaten either. Wait about two days to keep your ball python comfortable. In regards to how often it should be fed, stick to once a week to keep stress levels to a minimum.

If you’re getting a ball python, understand that their lifespan requires a long-term commitment. It’s completely possible for them to live for decades. This is something you need to prepare for. Although ball pythons are known for being low maintenance, they still require an attentive level of care. Look out for a ball python that lays straight or keeps it’s head up. It also shouldn’t spend too much time soaking, wheezing or a bloody stool can also mean problems.

Pay attention to your ball python and keep it comfortable for a long, healthy life.

Discover Different Ball Python Morphs For Sale

You can find a variety of ball python morphs for sale here at xyzReptiles. After enough research where you feel prepared enough to take care of a ball python, choose from our selection of ball python morphs and discover this great reptile pet.

Tips On Buying Snakes For Sale Online – The Smart Way

April 8th, 2018 by

If you’re looking for the best way to buy snakes for sale online, you’ve come to the right place! Not only is xyzReptiles the most trusted source for exotic snakes for sale, but with decades of experience in the reptile industry, we know a thing or two about what to look for, and how to choose the best snakes for sale in the store. Regardless of where you buy your snakes online, these tips will help you discover and choose the best snakes for sale to fit your lifestyle. Follow this process for the best experience as you buy snakes for sale online.

Before You Buy Snakes Online

When you want to buy snakes online, the most crucial step starts in front of your computer, tablet or phone. If you don’t know the type of snakes for sale you’re interested in, research a few things before you browse the different species and morphs. There’s a lot of information out there to help you sort through the different types of snakes for sale and their specific needs. To get an idea of what’s considered a safe pet, you can browse our selection of exotic snakes for sale to help you get started.

Once you know exactly which snake you want, the real fun begins! As with any pet, introducing a new animal to your home requires meticulous preparation. If this is your first time trying to buy snakes online, use the list below. You’ll find a few basic questions to keep you on track.

Important Questions About Snakes For Sale

  • What will it’s heating and lighting requirements be?
  • How big should it’s enclosure be and what should it be made out of?
  • Do you have enough space?
  • How often should it be handled?
  • Do you have any other pets?
  • Are you able to easily feed your pet snake?
  • Does your current lifestyles allow you to give your pet the attention it deserves?
  • How will it be shipped?
  • What size is the snake and how large will it grow?

The answer to these questions will vary depending on the type of snake you want to buy. One of the biggest mistakes novice snake owners make is thinking that one piece of information about a certain snake applies to all snakes. Err on the side of caution and learn as much as you can about the specific snake you want. Make yourself the expert so you can master the ownership of your pet snake.

With snakes for sale varying across multiple types of species and morphs, you won’t have to look anywhere else for the perfect snake for you. Follow these simple tips for a successful selection and a tranquil relationship between you and your snake.

The Mysterious History and Evolution of Snakes

January 9th, 2018 by

There is a bit of mystery surrounding the history and evolution of snakes. The most commonly accepted theory is that they evolved from Varanids during the Jurassic Period about 150 million years ago. Some claim snakes to be from mosasaurs, a family of marine reptiles. Many claim they evolved from lizards and didn’t have any real presence until the end of the Cretaceous period.

Why is there so much opposition on this topic? Its possible due to the fragile fossil findings that were not easily preserved, making it difficult to trace. Eventually, it was said that their origins could be traced back to the Varanid family of lizards. One of the more recent discoveries, however, was that of the Tetrapodophis amplectus. The 113 million-year-old fossil showed snake-like features but it is still unsure whether or not it is part of the snake family or not. It lacked crucial snake-like features which caused this doubt.

Snakes weren’t always limbless. Some primitive snakes, like the Eupodophis, were found to have hind limbs.  One explanation for why they lost their limbs as they evolved was that they had to go into holes to reach prey like guinea pigs and other small mammals. But don’t assume all legless critters are snakes. The limbless Slowworm, for example,  is more of a lizard due to the presence of eyelids, visible ears, and the ability to regrow their tails.

There’s a popular theory from anthropologist Lynne Isbell about the relationship between snakes and humans. Isbell states that snakes played a role in the evolution of early primates. Since snakes were one of the first predators that early primates faced, it forced the primates to detect snakes quicker than any predator who evolved afterward, which in turn helped their vision and brain develop faster. Our connection with snakes seems to go deeper than many would have ever expected.

Snakes That Live Among Us Today

These days, human perception about snakes ranges from religious symbolism to phobias. We don’t really think much of them with all of the modern day distractions, but if we ever encounter one, we’re sure to notice it and have our unique reactions to it.

You can find snakes for sale as easily as you can find produce. Many breeders and shops work together to pair humans with a snake they can call their own.

After knowing the history between humans and snakes, it’s amazing that we are able to keep snakes as pets and form a bond with them. I hope that learning about the evolution and history of snakes gave you a newfound respect and appreciation for these slithering creatures.

Everything You Need to Know About Hognose Snake Care

November 26th, 2017 by

Learning about hognose snake care will make you want to own one of these fun and unique reptiles.

To get started, there are three different species of hognose snakes:

The Southern hognose snake: always appears either in a reddish, tan, or gray color with dark brown splotches. 

The Eastern hognose snake: prefers woodlands with sandy soil, coastal areas, and farmlands.

The Western hognose snake: the most common kept for captivity, has three subspecies: plains, dusty, and Mexican.

The usual lifespan ranges from 18 to 20 years with appropriate hognose snake care. They’re not large either, only growing to about 14-40 inches depending on the species and sex. Their usual disposition tends to be on the milder side so it’s rare for a hognose to bite their owners. These snakes are known as rear-fanged snakes since they have a set of fangs in the back of their jaws. They’re also able to flatten their neck and raise up like a cobra to intimidate and ward of predators; however, they’re only venomous to toads and frogs.

A peculiar thing about the hognose snake is their ability to deter predators by playing dead. Their go-to methods include their cobra-imitation technique and, if that doesn’t work, playing dead.

Hognose Snake Care Basics

A hognose snake makes a fascinating pet but they need to be cared for properly to live a long, healthy life. Part of learning the basics of hognose snake care is making sure your snake has the proper lighting and heating and a tank that’s decent sized. They don’t grow too big so they don’t require such a large tank. When it comes to temperature you want to keep one side of the tank somewhere between 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit the other side of it a bit cooler but not below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure the habitat has a few inches of bedding made from soil, sand, or a mixture of both so that the snake can burrow. Their snouts make the perfect shovels for helping them escape predators and extreme climate as well as lift up leaf liter and twigs in search of food.

Feeding Your Hognose Snake

Hognose snakes like most other snakes are carnivorous and feed mainly off of toads, but mice are a good substitute. If your snake doesn’t take to the mouse at first, you can trick the snake into eating it by using a scenting method. Simply rub the mouse against a toad to get the scent of the toad onto the mouse. With the western hognose, you typically won’t have this issue. If you’re starting with a hatchling, you can start it out with pinkies and eventually graduate to mice.

Keeping a consistent feeding schedule is an important part of hognose snake care and is just as important as its habitat.

Handling Your Hognose Snake

A hognose snake can sense when you’re uncomfortable, nervous, or scared. If the snake starts to hiss as you’re reaching in the tank, its usually alright to reach in with confidence and pick it up. It’s best to handle your hognose regularly- at least once a week- so that over time it becomes calmer and docile. Just don’t handle it within 48 hours after a meal or while it’s in the middle of a shed cycle.

A hognose can make a great pet for anyone. With the proper care, feeding, and handling, your snake will be slithering and burrowing for years to come. Next time you see this snake for sale, consider these hognose snake care tips and give your pet a healthy and happy life.

Get this beautiful snake pet here

Timing is everything, When is it OK to buy a Breeder or Adult Ball Python?

December 7th, 2015 by

As a ball python breeder and an avid herper I have been cautious of buying adult ball pythons when adding new genetic lines to my collection. There is a time and a place for everything and that applies when it comes to buying an adult ball python.

Is it ok to introduce an adult ball python to my collection?

Like most other living things kept in large groups Ball Pythons are susceptible to disease and viral outbreaks. This is especially true when coupled with the stress of breeding and winter shipping. When given the chance I always recommend buying baby Ball Pythons for two important and different reasons. The first reason is that a baby snake has a much smaller chance of being a carrier for most of the reptile problems out there. The second reason is that as a breeder you get an irreplaceable opportunity to get to know and understand the way that baby snake behaves as you raise it to adulthood. Having said all of this I still do believe that there are times that it is perfectly OK to buy and introduce an Adult Ball Python into your collection.

Buying an adult breeder snake

It is as important picking the right person to buy your new breeder snake from as it is inspecting the snake when you receive it. There have been countless stories of people being sold the wrong genetics and sometimes even the wrong sex. Almost every breeder I have known has had one or more stories involving these problems and although not everyone selling a problem snake has bad intentions the results could set you back years and cost you lots of money in the end. Make sure that you have a written record of what you are buying at the time of purchase including a picture of the snake for identification. Ask around and find out if others have had a bad experience with the breeder you are buying from and finally when the snake arrives inspect it carefully for parasites, Respiratory Infection and tell-tale signs of previous treatments such as needle marks from injections and discoloration from treatment.

How to quarantine a new adult breeder snake

Once you get a healthy and properly sexed animal into your collection there is still a right way and a wrong way to introduce it into your collection. If you want to know how to quarantine a new snake here are a few tips. First make sure that you treat your snake for external parasites by using Nix or Rid as well as Prevent-a-Mite on the bedding. This process is harmless and inexpensive and can save you time and money in the long run. Then make sure that the animal is housed separately from the rest of your collection and preferably in an area that does not share traffic with your snake room. This step will help prevent the unexpected introduction of disease or parasites to the rest of your collection. Finally make sure that the animal you get has a chance to feed and shed multiple times to know that there are no problems before housing it in your snake room. The accepted norm for this procedure is six months but six weeks will give you a chance to see the snake feed multiple times and shed at least once.

Our adult ball pythons for Sale

There is a right way and a wrong way to do most things and when it comes to living animals there is always the welfare and proper care of the animal to consider. The best way to make sure there are no problems is to educate yourself and know what you are getting into first. At xyzReptiles we have a dedicated Adult Ball Python section that offers adult ball pythons for sale that we have worked with for years and are replacing with more complicated genetics. These animals are taken off of breeding and maintained for a six month period before being offered for sale and will provide you with the best chance to own an adult ball python or a potential new breeder. We are also available to help you set up and breed your new snake so don’t hesitate to call us.