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Varanus salvator the Asian Water Monitor Last of the Gentle Giants

There are very few giant exotic reptiles left in the trade that can be bought and housed by the public and the Asian Water Monitor is one of them. Billed as the third largest lizard in the world behind Komodo Dragons and Crocodile Monitors, the Asian Water Monitor maxes out at an impressive nine feet in length and 150 plus pounds in weight. Captive housed animals are known to be docile and intelligent with the ability to feed on prepared diets and to even be paper-trained. Having the privilege of keeping one of these giants in captivity is one that we should not take for granted and enjoy while we have the opportunity

Many people associate me with Ball Pythons and do not know that I have had a varied and extensive collection of rare and amazing Varanids. I have never taken the opportunity to breed these amazing animals but have always enjoyed observing their behavior and enjoying the ability to buy and raise them. Through the years I have worked with some truly special monitors including the Lace Monitor, Mertens Monitor, Crocodile Monitor, Tri Color Monitor, Mangrove Monitor and an Albino and Axanthic Water Monitor. I have also had the benefit of meeting and befriending some of the Varanid species breeders. One of my close friends became one of a handful of people to produce Asian Water Monitors in captivity and has given me the opportunity to distribute some of these tame and beautiful gems.

Asian Water Monitor for Sale

We are currently building the Monitor Lizards section of our site but in the meantime we are offering some of these healthy captive born and bred Asian Water Monitors for sale. We are also very proud to be able to offer a very rare and important color mutation of Varanus Salvator, the Axanthic Water Monitor pictured above. He is two years old and growing fast. He is hand tame and used to public display. He is also very important in producing a Snow Water Monitor. We would like to take this opportunity to make him available for public sale and to reach out to other Varanus breeders and ask for you to offer us what you may have for sale.

Keeping and breeding Monitor Lizards is an opportunity we can all take part in but it is important to remember that these animals have special needs and can get very large so it is always important to consider housing and feeding needs before you purchase your next reptile pet.

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