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What are the best foods for your pet lizards

There are many different species of lizards from around the world that are kept as pets by beginners and well versed reptile keepers alike. When it comes to feeding them, different people will have different opinions on what makes the best food for your pet lizards. We have been keeping lizards from a multitude of countries and have found some basic feeding regimens that have worked for us in the past. It is important to note that each individual animal will have its own particular needs and even favor one food over another and this is merely a suggestion of what has brought us success.

Feeding herbivorous pet lizards

Some of the herbivorous pet lizards include species like the iguana iguana from South America and the various rock iguanas from the Caribbean islands. Both of these pet lizards are kept by people all around the world and their diets can be as varied as yours and mine. In the wild these beautiful lizards will forage for a number of different plants and grasses. They also feed on various fruits that are available at different times of the year. I have personally witnessed more than one green iguana climbing palm trees to get to the ripe fruit that may be hanging thirty to forty feet above the ground. Both of these species have also been known to eat insects, eggs and carrion to supplement their diets. In captivity it is a good idea to offer them a variety of greens including kale, collard greens, spring mix and romaine lettuce as well as vegetables like zucchini and squash. Prepared diets from a number of different manufacturers can be added to this mix to offer a more well-rounded meal option.

Feeding omnivorous pet lizards

Some of the common pet lizards that are considered omnivores include the Australian Bearded Dragon and the Blue Tongue Skink. Both of these docile lizards have a varied diet in the wild that includes vegetation, fruits, insects and small lizards, rodents and occasionally birds. The reason for the varied diet depends on the life stage of the animal and what is available as food during different times of the year. In captivity you can offer these animals a mixture of greens and vegetables and in the case of the skinks a mixture of different fruits. They will both also feed on a diet of insects and canned foods. Once again this is what has worked for us and may not be what you have experienced with your own pet but repetitive success does account for something.

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