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What Are Some Of The Different Lizard Species For Sale And Their Special Qualities?

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As you start your search for the next special reptile pet in your life and you happen to be looking online for lizards for sale it’s good to keep in mind what some of these lizard species are and their special qualities. This post will look into some of the more popular lizard pets and what makes them so special.

Leopard Geckos As Pets

Leopard Geckos are a small sized pet lizard that originated in Pakistan and have made a huge splash in the reptile world in the past twenty years. They are a brightly colored and friendly gecko that reaches an average size of eight to nine inches in length and have the ability to store body fat in their ridged tails. Leopard geckos get their name from their original wild coloration of yellow with black spots much like a leopard. They are known for being able to lose their tails when attacked and then regenerating them to an almost near perfect replica of the original. Leopard geckos for sale make up a very large portion of many first time buyers’ introduction into the reptile world.

Bearded Dragons As Pets

Another commonly kept and highly admired pet lizard is the Bearded Dragon. Originally from Australia, these medium sized lizards have found their way into the homes and hearts of many American households. At an average adult length of twenty to twenty four inches, Bearded Dragons for sale make up another large portion of lizards kept as pets by new reptile owners. They are extremely interactive with their owners and other pets in the house and their fearless antics make them a favorite among reptile keepers. It is not uncommon to see Bearded Dragons riding around town on their keepers’ shoulders, arms or heads.

Tegus As Pets

If you are a more experienced keeper that has already been through the ups and downs of keeping smaller reptile pets and you find yourself looking for the next level of excitement then a tegu for sale is the lizard pet for you. Tegus are the South American version of the Monitor lizards found in Africa, Australia and Indonesia. They can achieve an impressive adult size of three to four feet in length and the males of the species develop large jowls that make them look much bigger and badder than they really are. They come in a variety of colors from yellow, red and black to blue and in rare cases of albinism even purple. If you are looking for an aquatic version of the pet Tegu then the Caiman Lizard is the pet for you.

Lizards For Sale Online

Like many other things in life you have many choices when it comes to finding lizards for sale online. The right decision involving sourcing your next reptile pet can be as simple as sheer luck or as complicated as doing research and contacting sellers for information and references. At xyzReptiles we have the luxury of providing our customers with our flawless track record spanning almost two years of online sales as well as our comforting live arrival guarantee paired with our $39.99 flat shipping rate nationwide.

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