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Finding A Proper Tortoise Heat Lamp By xyzReptiles

Tortoises are a huge part of the reptile pet world and finding a proper tortoise heat lamp has never been easier. Due to the hard work of many dedicated lighting companies here in the US as well as overseas, tortoise lighting supplies are readily available. There is a large number of companies competing to make the best and most affordable heat lamps and UVB bulbs every year. This is the reason more and more people are able to keep and raise pet tortoises affordably. Let’s look at the basic heating and lighting needs for reptile pets including turtles and tortoises.

Is A Tortoise Light A Real Thing?

Although there is no specific bulb called a tortoise light, all tortoises and turtles require and benefit from the use of UVB bulbs. UVB bulbs are available in a number of different bulb types. They are available as LED bulbs, coil screw in bulbs and as fluorescent tube lights. The best and easiest to use UVB bulb is the coil bulb in our opinion. This bulb can be combined with a heat lamp in a combination dual dome and offer your pet all of its lighting and heating needs. Tortoise lights are available in a low 5-10 percent UVB output bulb and a higher 10-15 percent UVB output bulb. The lower output bulb is recommended for species that are used to living in forested and tropical areas. The higher output bulb is recommended for species that live in savanna and desert areas.

Can A Tortoise Heat Lamp Be Used For Lighting?

A tortoise heat lamp is used for lighting as well as for heating an indoor enclosure. The types of tortoise heat lamps available range from incandescent bulbs to ceramic heat emitters. As well as combo UVB bulbs. Tortoises are exothermic like other reptiles and depend on an outside heat source.  The size of the bulb used is based more on the size of the enclosure than the type of tortoise being housed within it. We recommend the 75 watt heat lamp for small to medium enclosures. We recommend a 100 watt heat lamp for large enclosures. Remember to always monitor your tank for excessive heat and adjust the bulb as needed.

Are Reptile Lights For Tortoise Enclosures Necessary?

Reptile lights for tortoise enclosures are as necessary as food and water for your pet tortoise. Without these essential lights your pet will get sick and can eventually perish. It is extremely important to know the species of tortoise you are keeping and their temperature requirements prior to purchasing them. Combined with a healthy diet and regular soaking you will have a happy and vibrant pet tortoise. At xyzReptiles we offer a variety of captive born tortoises ranging from savannah species to forest species.

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