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Is the tiny sand boa the next big deal?

Kenyan sand boa for sale

When you mention boas to most people the image of a large heavy bodied constrictor basking on the forest floor usually comes to mind. There is however an entire sub family of boas that is found from Europe to Asia and North Africa that is entirely unlike any other boa group. These fascinating snakes get their Boidae classification from their ability to give live birth although like most other rules in taxonomy this isn’t always the case. With an average body length of 24 inches and a maximum length under four feet these miniscule snakes have come a long way in the last twenty years through selective captive breeding. Like most other groups of snakes in the reptile trade these beautifully colored stout bodied animals are found in a variety of colors and patterns which makes up the growing number of mutations in sand boa Morphs.

The Kenyan Sand Boa

My first experience with the Kenyan sand boa was not one I’m too proud of. I had purchased two baby sand boas and after putting them in a 10 gallon aquarium with two to three inches of sand for them to hide in I walked away for what seemed like a moment but must have been 5-10 minutes. When I came back there was no sign of the snakes and I spent a very frustrating afternoon looking for them with no luck and no clue as to how they could have escaped by climbing straight up the glass that was clearly higher than they were long. Not too long ago a friend who breeds Axanthic Kenyan Sand Boas had a very similar experience. It wasn’t until he happened to walk in and catch some brand new babies stretching straight up onto a hanging heat lamp and then climbing up the cord and out of their 30-gallon enclosure that we started to appreciate just how amazing such a small boa that lives its life under the sand can really be.

Kenyan Sand Boa for Sale

The sand boa family can be found today in growing numbers in the pet trade. They come from a number of different countries and can be found as Anerys, Albinos, Snows, Stripes and my personal favorite the Splash morph. Our online reptile shop currently carries the Kenyan sand boa for sale and a couple of the afore mentioned mutations but as the breeding season continues we will set up a dedicated sand boa page and offer as many different mutations as possible. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from the breeder or hobbyist that is looking to share their bounty and sell us a group of baby sand boas, so don’t hesitate to contact us and if you like sand boas as much as we do go ahead and share some pics while you’re at it.

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