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Meet The Popular Lizards For Sale At xyzReptiles

popular lizards for sale

Here at xyzReptiles, we carry a wide variety of lizards for sale for all enthusiasts. Our exotic lizards are especially popular since we have a great selection for people of all experience levels to find something they’ll enjoy.

All of our reptiles are raised under optimum conditions to start you off with a healthy and lively reptile. If you’re not exactly sure which one might be best, keep on reading. These are the most popular lizards for sale and what you need to know about them.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are known for their variety of colors and sizes so finding one that will suit your lifestyle is easy. They’re great for beginners and are usually friendly by nature, never really showing signs of aggression. Even if they’re frightened, they’ll usually just freeze and puff their throats. With another beardie present, you might catch yours bobbing its head as a sign of dominance or waving its arm.

Young bearded dragons need more insects than greens but you’ll still want to keep vegetables and non-citrus fruits available. Their diets change as they grow, moving away from insects and more towards plants.

Fun fact about bearded dragons: Unlike some lizards, they don’t regrow their limbs. So if a tail is gone, it’s gone forever.


Chameleons are widely known for their ability to change colors. What you might not know is that they do so, not only to camouflage themselves from predators, but also to absorb more heat. One of their most recognizable features is their curved tails and protruding eyes which move independently. Captive bred chameleons are probably best because they’re acclimated to the conditions and are less likely to be stressed.

Chameleons can be easily stressed or dehydrated, especially females. Make sure when you’re shopping for one that it looks healthy and active, with a good overall color. In general, chameleons can be high maintenance so it’s best to get one if you have experience with keeping reptiles as pets.

Fun fact about chameleons: A chameleons tongue can be up to one and a half times the length of its body.

Monitor Lizards

The monitors lizard is growing in popularity as a household pet, but it’s not for everyone. Keep in mind that monitor lizards are not recommended for a beginner. Some grow over seven feet long and are known to be aggressive. You can, however, develop a bond with these animals. Owners usually take them for walks on a leash and get wide-eyed stares from strangers.

Although they can be aggressive if not properly handled, they’re generally mild tempered in captivity and enjoy burrowing and hiding under rocks. You also want to consider that these animals are carnivores so you need to be okay with feeding them pre-killed prey, like rodents.

Fun fact about monitor lizards: They have a higher metabolism rate, meaning they need to eat more often than most lizards.

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