Powder Blue Isopods

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  • 15 Cup $1.53 each, 25 cup $1.20 each, 50 cup $.80 each, 100 cup $.70 each
  • Scientific Name: Porcellio pruinosus
  • Common Name: Powder Blue
  • Origin: Worldwide
  • Adult Size: .55 inches
  • Reproduction Rate: Fast
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Our Powder Blue isopods for sale are often referred to as powdery blue, due to the powdery like substance they secret onto their backs. This helps them maintain proper humidity levels. Powder Blue isopods are more than just good pets. They make great cleanup crews. These little critters will make easy work cleaning up pet habitats and enclosures, they encounter.

This little isopod pet is part of the Porcellionides genus. This genus has many different types of isopods. They are a gorgeous deep blue color making them a very attractive pet. They are also and are a very easy species to keep. Our Powder Blue isopods for sale are a great beginner species for those new to isopods.

What makes the Powder Blue Isopod great beinner species?

They are one of the best clean-up crews out there! They breed very fast and have large broods once established. So, you’ll have your environment full of them in no time! Whether you are shopping for you next pet or just want to add them to your favorite reptile habitat to aid in the cleanup, they will be a good fit.

They are safe to add to any hard body reptile enclosure as they will not harm or affect the behavior of the animal in anyway. Isopod pets also will not bite or harm you and are an essential element for bioactive environments. Our Powder Blue isopods are available in 10, 25, 50 count cups. Note: The majority will be adults with various other sizes as well.

Did you know they are crustaceans and not insects? Get isopod information and learn more aobut these fascinating creatures with our in-depth articles. You can also find isopod supplies to aid in setting up a bioactive environment on our site.

We recommend the following quantities for cleanup crews

  • 10-gallon habitat 15-25
  • 20-gallon habitat 25-50
  • 30-to-40-gallon habitat 50-75
  • 75-gallon habitat and up 100 plus

11 reviews

  1. Jayden Sims (verified owner)

    Super happy with our purchase! Shipped quickly & packaged well! Very active upon receiving. Thank you!

  2. Beth Hamlett (verified owner)

    All arrived active and appear healthy.

  3. Alyssa Stark (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quantity and how they were shipped. Once I transferred them to their new bin they were all very lively.

  4. Ryan Brunette (verified owner)

    Another great order of isopods. Had a few DOA in one cup. Things happen, but they more than made up for it with the quantity in the other cups so I still ended up with more than what was ordered. Can’t complain at all. XYZ has always been great to order from.

  5. Sarah Harden (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. My isopods were packaged really well, and they were very active and seemed healthy. Will definitely order from you guys again in the future!

  6. Amy Hollon (verified owner)

    Fast shipping even with this pandemic. Live beautiful specimens happily starting life in our Vivarium! Thanks so much

  7. Daysha Matthews (verified owner)

    Ordered these bad babies before they were out of stock luckily and they arrived alive healthy and very alert! They came on time and ordering from xyz reptiles was very swift and easy. Definitely will be ordering from you guys again! Thank you!

  8. Philip Platt (verified owner)

    Everyone was alive and happy. Haven’t seen them since. The substrate is deep and plenty of places to hide. I’m sure they are enjoying themselves.

  9. Casey Merhige (verified owner)

    Excellent! Arrived alive and well, packaged nicely and are getting acclimated to their new vivarium home. Thank you!!

  10. coolguyz30189 (verified owner)

    Mine arrived happy and well, they’re having a blast running around my enclosure and cleaning anything they can find.

  11. Roy Klung (verified owner)

    All arrived alive and are doing their job. I’ve ordered these and orange isopods a few times for my Caimam, monitor and tegu cages and they do a great job.

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