Shiro Utsuri Isopods

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  • Scientific Name: Cubaris sp
  • Common Name: Shiro Utsuri
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Adult Size: .80 inches
  • Reproduction Rate: Fast
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Shiro Utsuri isopods were originally isolated from the morph Cubaris sp “Silver Ghost”, first discovered in Taiwan, they were named after a pattern normally seen on koi fish. This species was introduced to the hobby just under 2 years ago and is still new to most keepers.

They prefer medium humidity compared to most Cubaris species who like higher humidity. They have medium-large sized broods and breed very well once established. They have recently been producing color morphs within the colonies in captivity that make them all white, which was named Cubaris sp “Yeti”.

The Shiro Utsuri isopod makes a great pet for all ages. These isopod pets also make good cleanup crews to aid in habitat maintenance. Whether you are looking for isopods as pets or more interested in adding them to your pets’ enclosure to aid in cleanup, these little critters are perfect.

Shiro Utsuri isopods are safe to add to any hard body reptile enclosure. They will not harm or affect the behavior of the animal in anyway. They also will not bite or harm you and are an essential element for creating bioactive environments. They are available in 10 count and 25 count cups. The majority will be adults with mixed sizes included.

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We recommend the following quantities for Shiro Utsuri isopod cleanup crews

  • 10-gallon habitat 10-25
  • 20-gallon habitat 25-50
  • 30-to-40-gallon habitat 50-75
  • 75-gallon habitat and up 100 plus

1 review

  1. matt.ballesteros (verified owner)

    Amazing specimens. All arrived alive and extremely well. Great communication from seller and even delayed shipment for animals safety, huge thumbs up in my book. Will definitely return for future business. Thanks again for this great deal.

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