Snake Feeding Tongs

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Our snake feeding tongs are made from surgical grade quality stainless steel. They feature grooved sides for a non slip grip and PVC food grade tips for your animal’s safety during feeding. We offer our snake tongs in two colors as well as two sizes. Both 8 inch and 12 inch sizes are available to meet your specific reptile feeding needs. You can choose black with an orange tip or orange with a black tip as per your color preference.

Our feeding tongs also feature the XYZReptiles mantra, are easy to use and easy to clean. Our snake feeding tongs are ideal for a variety of snakes and other reptiles including lizards.

Snake Feeding Tongs Keep You and Your Pet Safe

Many reptile keepers use snake feeding tongs to offer their reptile pets frozen thawed meals. Since most reptiles are honed in on body heat when feeding there is a need to keep your fingers and the food safely apart. Using our 8 inch or 12 inch feeding tongs will keep your hand out of striking distance when offering your pet its favorite meal. The pvc tip will keep your pets teeth from getting damaged while the surgical grade stainless steel is easy to clean and disinfect.

13 reviews

  1. niqisangha2006 (verified owner)

    Good quality, very safe, and perfect size.

  2. robinbeizai (verified owner)

    Excellent quality! Always a pleasure buying from XYZ.

  3. flylife243648 (verified owner)

    Easy to purchase. Good product.

  4. carterdavid123 (verified owner)

    Fastest ship out Ive seen. They were really fast to get them on there way to me.

  5. wolvehounds (verified owner)

    Best people and prices around.

  6. 420djinn (verified owner)

    The best I have found around. The rubber doesn’t tear into what’s being fed. Good length, I use them for all of my different kinds of animals, here at my little farm/zoo.

  7. aahall1227 (verified owner)

    Perfect for feeding my smaller constrictors.

  8. shawnakadoobie (verified owner)

    Great size grip, it is perfect. I would always recommend this store. Great store and products.

  9. Nick Oldenbourg (verified owner)

    Very nice grip for holding food while feeding.

  10. lauratpete (verified owner)

    They are the perfect size to protect your fingers from being mistaken as a mouse.

  11. cinralvarado (verified owner)

    Great service and products.

  12. David Joiner (verified owner)

    Can’t complain at all. Does the job and does it well.

  13. drtyrdr71 (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and seems like great quality. Will help greatly in feeding our baby yellow belly, “Ramen”.

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