Spotted Python

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Species: Antaresia maculosa  Length: Approximately 6-8 inches Diet: Live and Frozen/Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4202Categories:
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Every spotted python for sale is a healthy, young specimen kept under optimum conditions. The spotted python is one of the smallest pythons that is found in Australia. These captive born gems do everything a larger python does including constricting their prey and laying eggs. Our baby spotted pythons for sale alternate between live and frozen/thawed pinkie mice. Feeding both ensure that they will readily accept either when they reach their new homes.

Housing Your Baby Spotted Python

We recommend using our python habitat with a 10 gallon tank or terrarium for housing baby spotted ball pythons. This habitat works with a number of python species including the baby spotted ball pythons for sale we offer. We also have a number of other reptile supplies you may be want to check out.

1 review

  1. herz.jeremy (verified owner)

    This spotted python that I ordered is an absolutely wonderful pet; after having lost Kanna, my previous snake of nine years to illness, this little male spotted python, whom I named Uluru after Uluru National Park in Australia, has turned out to be a wonderful pet. He has adjusted very well to his new terrarium, and with all the hiding places I gave him, he feels very comfortable in his new terrarium, which is large enough for him to grow into. I can’t wait to watch him grow to full size. He’s also much smarter than my previous snake was, as he is not easily distracted when feeding, has a very strong feeding response like most of his species, and he is exceedingly tolerant of varying humidity conditions, which makes him a wonderful and hardy snake. Spotted pythons are exceedingly underrated, and come in a variety of colors. They deserve more attention from python breeders and hobbyists, for they are gentle, resilient, live more than 20 years on average, and are easy to manage thanks to their small size (only 5-6 feet for a large male). Be warned, though; in breeding season, some males may refuse to eat, but this is usually limited to only a few individuals. As such, I cannot recommend these snakes enough. If you want a first time snake, this is the one for you; instead of ball pythons (which are more intermediate level thanks to their specific requirements and easily stress), try raising spotted pythons, which are more adaptable and and are unlikely to refuse a meal. I know I prefer spotted pythons, and I look forward to many more years with mine. My overall rating: 5 stars for resiliency, feeding response, beauty, reluctance to bite, handleability, and adaptability.

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