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Skinks for Sale

We have beautiful skinks for sale at discount prices with same day Fast Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee! Our animals are healthy young specimens that are sure to provide you years of enjoyment. We also carry a variety of supplies to ensure proper set up and keeping of your new pet.



Verified Customer Reviews

Danielle Poole
caldendar iconMarch 24, 2019

Got my baby bts on Friday. When he/she arrived he was a bit cold. After getting him/her settled and warmed up he ate for me! I wasn't expecting him to eat within hours of arriving but he/she did! I've been continually sitting by his terrarium and bon... Read more

Keeping Skinks as Pets

Keeping skinks as pets can be rewarding for anyone interested in having a unique and different pet keeping experience. They can be maintained in a medium sized terrarium and fed a varied diet that includes insects, rodents, vegetation and ready to use prepared foods. They rarely reach a size over twenty inches in length and can live up to a healthy age of fifteen to twenty years and beyond. They are a live bearing lizard that has been bred in captivity for years with many exciting and visually stunning color morphs.