The many uses of the beautiful Pied Ball Python

February 17th, 2016 by

There are Ball Pythons and then there is the Pied Ball Python and simply put it is the most striking and attractive of the morphs out there. It has been crossed into everything from Albino to Clown and so far every new combination looks like a winner.

The original Pied Ball Python

There were at least two or more Pied Ball Pythons floating around and going from breeder to breeder before they landed in the hands of Peter Kahl. The original animals were seen as interesting looking but when they did not reproduce themselves the first generation F1 breeding due to being recessive the project sat around and was not treated with the urgency or respect that it deserved. I recall a conversation with Pete about the first Pied clutch to hatch and how he instantly realized that he had an absolute game changer on his hands. To this day Pied Ball Pythons are the one animal that almost every observer notices and likes at shows and in the reptile shops.

Finding the perfect Pied Ball Python for sale

Unlike most other ball python mutations the Pied morph is a highly variable one. In the same clutch you can have degrees of white ranging from almost no white bands to an almost all white pied ball python. This makes the hunt for the perfect Pied ball Python for sale an interesting and frustrating challenge. Since low white pieds can make high white pieds and vice versa, breeders tend to keep back the low white animals for breeding and sell the high white animals but since most people look for high white animals for pets this tends to keep the market price on these animals higher than almost all other recessive traits.

The Leopard Ball python, an unexpected bonus

Another interesting side effect of producing Pied Ball Pythons was the discovery and ultimate development of the Leopard Ball Python gene. Although Pete was aware of the few different looking Pieds in his collection he was not really paying attention to or developing this trait since all Pieds were of such high monetary value at the time. It took the keen eyes and curiosity of another great breeder Greg Graziani to isolate and brings this fantastic gene to life. There are currently a few dozen great looking Leopard combos and more are being developed every day. Since Leopard Balls are so closely related to the Pied gene we have included them in the Pied category at xyzReptiles and will be offering a growing number of their combos in the coming months.

Ball Pythons for Sale

July 27th, 2015 by

There are many animals in captivity and many of those are snakes but only one of the many is the perfect pet python. Ball pythons are small, docile and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Ball pythons have been selectively bred for interesting color and pattern combinations for the past 20 years. In the beginning of this process many of the color mutations of the ball python could cost as much as 40,000 dollars and this was due to the rarity and popularity of the genetic mutation in question. Luckily for the pet python keeper many varieties of once rare and expensive ball pythons for sale can be found today for a couple of hundred dollars or less.

Ball Python Morphs for Sale Online

If you are looking to buy a ball python today it is a great time to get into this unique and exciting reptile keeping experience. We pride ourselves in working with some of the top Ball python mutations and bringing you the best ball python morphs for sale online at great prices. We will always offer for sale the most popular ball python morphs such as albino ball pythons, pied ball pythons, coral glow or banana ball pythons. We also carry some of the more hard to find ball python morphs such as gargoyle ball pythons, puma ball pythons and suma ball pythons. There are thousands of ball python morph combinations and even though we could never carry every mutation we can through our extensive network of collectors and breeders offer you the opportunity to buy and raise one of these amazing animals.

Keep Up with Our Rare & Exotic Ball Pythons

We are always available to be reached through social media channels such as twitter, facebook, instagram, google + and pinterest. If you prefer you can also email or call us and we will be happy to locate that rare ball python that you have been looking for. Also if you are a breeder or collector that has a surplus of healthy animals or a clutch of brand new babies please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we are always looking for a great deal on quality animals at xyzReptiles. Once you have purchased and received your new ball python morph, we are here to offer help in setting up, raising and potentially breeding your new prized pet. We are experienced in ball python husbandry and genetics and have hatched thousands of ball python clutches over the last two decades. We would also love to see and appreciate your one of a kind animal that you have produced and will be updating our ball python blog and Pinterest boards on a weekly basis. This has been the culmination of years of reptile husbandry and marketing as well as online media development and the focus is on having a truly unique and special online reptile purchasing experience so please check back often to see what we have been working on for you. We have hundreds of clutches in the incubator currently and as they hatch you will be able to see some truly special ball python morphs on our blog as well as on our ball python page on the site.